Victoria’s Secret Novelties 2015-2015

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Victoria Secret

What woman does not love beautiful lingerie? And let the men do not quite understand why devote so much time and attention to the details of the wardrobe, which is hidden from the public, they did not let the opportunity to pamper her favorite lady with exquisite sets. Yes, a real lady never refuses herself the pleasure to buy expensive clothes.

Underwear is the basis of a look. It helps to feel complete, wanted and loved. Woman wearing underwear from the new collection of such famous brands like Victoria’s Secret is sure to be a success in men, because her self-esteem soars to heaven when the body envelops in such exquisite intimate things.

Victoria’s Secret novelties

Victoria’s Secret designers are true experts of the question: “What does a woman want?”. Each new collection it’s pure perfection, as many brand admirers claim. Who ever tried Victoria’s Secret underwear will barely want to abandon its purchase in the future.

In the new Victoria’s Secret catalogue are presented the following models:

  • Lace bra with removable straps,
  • Body with lace inserts,
  • Body decorate with rhinestones,
  • Body with snake print,
  • High panties,
  • Garters of sapphire and smoky hues;
  • Stockings of sapphire and smoky hues

Candice Swanepoel, the brand’s “Angel” model since 2007, was the one who introduced the new line of Victoria’s Secret.

Candice Swanepoel Victoria Secret 2015-2015 Victoria Secret 2015-2015

The model from South Africa appeared in the catalog in the image of a temptingly adorable person. She was posing predominantly in dark shades lingerie. Each set is accessorized, as without them the image does not look complete. Mask, pendants, bracelets, earrings – all this combined with exquisite lingerie gives the female body more charm.

More liberated women can get ideas from Agent Provocateur, who recently presented a collection of luxury lingerie

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