Chanel new collection Spring-Summer 2016

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Chanel Spring

The presentation of Karl Lagerfeld collection is always accompanied by a bright and even somewhere fantastic show. The designer does not skimp on the surroundings and tries to create an atmosphere in which the new collection will attract not only the audience, but will also be remembered long time after.

About the show

The fashion show for spring summer 2016 was no exception, specifically for that being created “The Chanel Boulevard.”

The creative director of Fashion House decided to make a real fashion-demonstration in support of feminism and freedom of choice. The designer does not seek to impose women his vision of fashion, and encourages looking as tells each “I”. And in confirmation of this, model on the catwalk carried placards with various slogans, among which was the inscription: “Be different!”

Chanel 2016

Karl managed to achieve the effect of outdoor activities through a non-standard approach to the catwalk. Thus, models presenting outfits from the new collection were all in a crowd, and not passing one after the other as we are used to see in the fashion world. Of course, models stayed and guests of the show had the opportunity to consider all the details, though judging by the responses of photographers such an approach does not give them many advantages.


Total on the podium were demonstrated 90 looks. The highlights of the show were:

  • tweed suits;
  • capri pants in masculine style;
  • shortened jackets;
  • vests;
  • trapezoid skirts;
  • T-silhouette outwear;
  • flat sole footwear.

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The color range consists of the following colors:

  • black and white combinations;
  • marine style;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • abstract prints.

Chanel9 Chanel10 Chanel11 Chanel12 Chanel13 Chanel14 Chanel15 Chanel16 Chanel17 Chanel18


The designer used flowers instead of accessories to help turn some elements of the collection in real beds, causing the impression that these are alive! Yet some jackets were decorated with fringe, while others with buttons with colored stones.

You can see in detail the collection here

Chanel new Chanel collection Chanel 2016 Chanel Summer

The street style has become so popular that many famous designers have included its components in their collections and the well known brand Chanel is no exception.