Valentino Spring-Summer 2016

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Valentino 2016

The brand Valentino traditionally presented his new creation At Paris Fashion Week. The collection was elegant and refined, actually as all his previous works, because he knows firsthand how to make a woman a real lady.

The new collection for spring-summer 2016 preserves its classic style inherent in the brand. The basis is the dress of varying length and cut. There are also:

  • mid length and calf length coats,
  • bermuda shorts,
  • wide trousers,
  • crop tops,
  • skirts,
  • sweaters.

The unifying element of the collection can be called transparency, which is present in almost every look. Somewhere it’s a transparent tissue, in another outfit the slits play the role of an element that bares the body. Print and embroideries are hiding the spicy parts of the body.


The show was divided into several stages, each of them being different from the previous by the color. Therefore, it is safe to say that this time the designer made ​​a bet on the color scheme, and not on the form.

Valentino 2016 Valentino Spring Valentino Summer Valentino 2016 Valentino Spring Valentino Summer Valentino 2016 Valentino Spring Valentino Summer

It all started with a demonstration of dark blue sets. Then on the catwalk appeared close-fitted models of dresses in pastel shades. Later, the audience’s attention was riveted on dresses with prints. Next on stage again appeared pastel combinations, white dresses, abstract prints and images of marine life, which seems to have replaced the butterflies presented in the fall-winter collection 2015-2015.

Valentino Spring Valentino Summer Valentino2015


The maxi dress length is the favorite cut of the Italian designer who decided to combine it with a deep neckline and multilayering. Several layers of transparent fabrics will make the skirt lusher. Long silk tunics have images of the seahorse and other water leaving creatures.

ValentinoSpring ValentinoSummer Valentino2015 ValentinoSpring ValentinoSummer Valentino2015 Valentino

Ruffles and textures with cuts are another option for creating a sexy dress.


Dresses from Valentino should be combined with sandals in Roman style in black and nude tones. These shoes were on top in spring-summer 2016 and unequivocally claims the title of the trend of the coming season.

Valentino footwear


According to the designer, tote bag is ideal for the spring wardrobe of fashionistas who decide to dress up in a long dress or a skirt and sandals with laces.


Clutch without handles and man’s handbag with prints is an accessory that will fit into different looks and will be a great decoration for evening dresses and day looks.


Rigid bag with handle of medium length is a perfect complement to a short form-fitting dress or skirt, the length of which reaches to the ankles.



One of the presented dresses was entirely decorated with embroidery. Here were present floral prints and also combinations of colored threads with rhinestones on top of transparent material.

Valentino New