New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020-2021

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Still failing to soothe the spirits of the previous season, the new fashion marathon is open in New York. Simplicity and sobriety are what, as a rule, make American designers different from others, so in the new season, the most practical and concise clothes should be sought among the participants of the first week. However, not only the minimalism can be observed: in autumn and winter we will also be able to boast of the knowledge in the field of history and to ironize a little on ourselves. We will reveal ten main points, which must contain a wardrobe in the next season.

New York fashion week fall winter 2020 2021


Light and minimalist fur silk dresses are one of the main legacies of the 90’s. Such wonders were worn on the podium by Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista – and young actresses during their triumphal procession on the red carpet flashed at secular parties. In the new season we will enjoy the shine of the silk in all its diversity: we dress in atlas shirt, light capes and iridescent pants – such thin materials in combination with the thick woven and thick autumn-winter fabrics look particularly interesting.

New York fashion trends fall winter 2020 2021

Single breasted blazers

American designers love tailoring more than their overseas counterparts: we must admit that the classic men’s suit on a businesswoman in the New York stone jungles looks very neat. But now we want to draw your attention to the single breasted blazers which in the new season they are in the forefront. We wear it on the naked body, as well as over a lace top or a classic shirt.

Women shirts 2021

Zebra print

In spite of the apparent minimalism and the excessive conciseness of the fashion of the 90’s, which in the next season will make orders on the podiums, this period does not deny the active prints. One of the most requested in the new season is, of course, the one with zebra stripes (gradually elucidating the neon luminous variations). Choose coats like the ones from 3.1 Phillip Lim or a comfortable printed sweater like the one from Coach.

Zebra print at New York fashion week 2020 2021

Colored leather

Despite the undeniable dominance of black skin, in the next season, the designers offer an alternative palette of shades: cherry, violet, all shades of green or a palette of beige. The colored leather looks calmer than its brutal counterpart, but less appealing than a bright and sunny palette in our usual arsenal of materials.

New York fashion week 2020 2021 fall winter leather

Quilted fabrics

No matter how hard the clothing industry would try to break away from reality and our daily needs, we must now risk our health for the sake of fashion trends. Last autumn and winter we wore dozens of layers of hypertrophic fleece jackets, completed with voluminous scarves, but now the brands offer us a large variety of quilted clothes. Warm and comfortable, as we like it.


Pearly gray palette

The washing powder, which promises the immaculate white, will be left out in the new season: on the podiums predominate powdery shaded and in winter, the pearl and cream palettes will look especially shiny. The shape here is not as important as the depth of the color itself and the combinations with other shades of the same palette: coffee, cream, pearl and crème brulee.

Pastel shades New York fall 2020 winter 2021


The old fashion returns to the podiums: not as a reference to a certain era, but rather as a desire to ironize and to try “dusty” tweed jackets, long skirts and dresses that denote conservatism. Our main role model is Kate Middleton. According to her outfits, it is often difficult to say exactly in what century they were created and it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge has the most direct relation to the return to the podium of long forgotten and dusty things.

Fashion vintage 2021


Brands turn to history textbooks more often than futurologist’s researches: finding new things among old ones is always interesting, especially when the topic of analysis is the controversial Renaissance era. Brock Collection, Khaite, Self-Portrait and Longchamp, while Adeam presents cargo pants in an absolutely brilliant way, combining them with a knit cardigan with ruffles.


Marabou feathers

If you last tried a scarf made of marabou feathers on New Year’s Eve, throwing it carelessly around your neck, and you thought it looked good, it probably was. In the new season, designers decorate with marabou feathers coats, dresses and also complete minimalist silk fur – this decoration easily diversifies even the simplest style, in addition, it seems so bohemian that you just want to straighten the back and to lift your chin with pride. For a memorable appearance, these are the best solution.

New York fashion week fall 2020 winter 2021 feathers


The color of carrots, pumpkins and fallen leaves are specific to the autumn season. The most interesting combinations can be born anywhere: for example, the design duo of Laura Kim and Fernando García from Oscar de la Renta is inspired by a palette of oriental spices, which presents practical combinations with notes of ginger, turmeric and red pepper.