Sunglasses Spring-Summer 2020

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A pair of correctly chosen sunglasses is the most indispensable accessory in the summer months: your pictures have a spectacular focus and your eyes are protected from UV rays, which is equally important. In the new season, brands offer a variety of unprecedented patterns. All you have to do is find your own, relying on your individual style, on your preferences and outer geometry.

Sunglasses 2020

We suggest you to take a look at the sunglasses that will be fashionable in the spring and summer of 2020. They have appeared at fashion shows of famous brands and will definitely become must-have of the holiday season.


The famous cat eye design of the retro attributes in the 1950s moved into the “trend” category. However, as is true of past loans, the frame has been somewhat rethought: this time, its size has changed – today the cat eye sunglasses must be overly large or overly small. There are no half-measures!

Women sunglasses 2020 cat eye

Sunglasses trends 2020

Colored designs

The visual proofs of the 21st century fashion’s changing character and the absolute antithesis of the preceding paragraph are colorful plastic lenses with colored lenses: yellow, pink, blue, purple.

What sunglasses color to wear in 2020

Squared designs

The interest in the fashion of the 70s, which does not cease its positions, has touched the optics. The oversized square frames that were once worn by our grandfathers became one of the most suitable accessories for the season. Proof is the latest show from Gucci, Burberry and Boss.

What sunglasses frames to wear in 2020

Sport style sunglasses

The boom of a healthy lifestyle was offered by cycling leggings, daily running shoes and sport sunglasses (in a format tailored to city realities, of course). Courrege frames are therefore suitable for mountain biking, Roberto Cavalli’s for swimming and those from MSGM for snowboarding (from Gigi Hadid to Princess Anna: everyone is wearing sports sunglasses this season).

Sunglasses patterns 2020 sport style

Narrow designs

Ultra-narrow designs continue to move from one season to another. The geometry of shape no longer has a special meaning: it can be rectangular, triangular, oval and even “drops” but must be as narrow as possible.

What sunglasses to wear in 2020

Mirror lens

The main reason for the return of the mirror lens is their unconditional triumph at Chanel. It’s unlikely that anyone is arguing with a world-renowned fashion house. The shining mirror in combination with other trends – square shape or sports motifs, for example, seems particularly relevant.

Fashionable mirror sunglasses 2020

Women’s Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses guarantee maximum protection against harmful radiation, as they cover about half the surface of the face besides the eyes. The main feature is that they are not divided into two halves, like other models, but made with a single lens. The decor is absolute diverse: from decorative textile finishes (Miu Miu) to cyberpunk (Loewe) designs.

Big sunglasses 2020

Round sunglasses

Another reference to the 1970’s is the round frame, which reminds us of those who have become the distinctive mark of John Lennon. They look nice chosen especially in delicate shades, described earlier.

Sunglasses designs 2020 round

Heart shape

Do you remember the poster with the famous Lolita character of the 1962? The main heroine was wearing a pair of glasses with a shape of two hearts, a pattern that became one of the most requested in 2020 (an absolutely identical collection is presented by Balenciaga). An excellent choice for those who approach the world around with humor and know what romance is.

Heart shaped frames


This summer, butterflies are found everywhere: from embroidery and clothing prints to sunglasses frames. The exotic degree depends on your courage and imagination, as designers offer a full range of lepidopterology.

2019 butterfly sunglasses


You do not have to worry that you will forget somewhere or lose your favorite sunglasses: when you wear a chain everywhere, this is simply impossible. Another advantage is that you do not have to invest in a new pattern of modern fashionable glasses, because with this simple accessory you can decorate the sunglasses you already have.