Accessory Trends Spring-Summer 2020

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The new season’s accessories are the echoes of the key trends on the podium, so the most fashionable items are decorated with all sorts of strange bird feathers, massive chains and also adopt the bright and rich palette of colors. Designers decide to give us a little freedom without making us suffer from hats or impractical jewels and urge us to wear simple hats that are not overloaded with decor (and most importantly with a useful volume), massive glasses that protect from the UV rays (as opposed to narrow lens options from the last season) as well as various statement accessories that can make an incredibly modern ensemble with “white t-shirts and jeans.” Despite the varied option, understanding all the most modern accessories is not that difficult. We have collected the best 9 fashion trends that we will track in 2020.

Accessories 2020

Sport style sunglasses

Despite the fact that the athletic style gradually changes to the second level, the designers have gone through the new season with some of the relaxing dress code. For example, large-size glasses with colored lenses or mirror lenses are the main antagonists of the retro-futuristic narrow glasses that were most demanded in the summer of 2019. To wear sporty patterns, you do not need to know how to get yourself get up on a snowboard or ride bicycle skillfully, but to avoid direct comparisons with sport, such dazzling accents and glasses must be combined with dresses and romantic outfits.

Sport style sunglasses 2020

Spring summer accessories 2020 sunglasses


Chains and long pendants

This season, the richest variety of options has touched beads and chains – designers have presented them with precision in abundance and for every taste. Next year we will wear long chains with pendants – large stones, medallions – as well as beads and pearls and massive necklaces, decorated with shells and stones, as if found on the beach. So do not hesitate to look for the most unique discoveries on the coast and make authentic jewelry with your own hands.

Fashionable chains spring summer 2020

Summer 2020 accessories trends



Statement accessories

If in the last season the main focus of the look was earrings, now the rules can be made of any accessories: from original harnesses and massive chains to rings with large semiprecious stones and chokers with long chains and crystals. The best accents are lemon shaped mesh nets, feathered with feathers or a massive Balmain metal strap over a mini dress. In the new season, accessories surely have the primary role in every look.

What accessories to wear in 2020


Women accessories 2020


Straw hats

If the previous season was represented by huge “introverted hats” from Jacquemus, then this season give up the huge options. Designers offer several practical hats, headbands, or straw hats. The variety is immense, so it will not be difficult to choose the hat that pleases you.

Hats 2020 female


Summer hats 2020

Head bands

Designers chose the most elegant and sophisticated accessories to decorate the hair. For example, circles that become an important trend in the coming season. Well-decorated with stones and glass beads, like those from Simone Rocha, they can be used wonderfully in evening outfits. Practical options for every day will be bulky nylon circles with prints, such as Prada or Dior elastic bands, borrowed from the daily ballet dancer’s wardrobe.

Hair accessories 2020



Massive bracelets on the forearm

Last year, designers showed us the wonders of eclecticism and the art of combining incompatibility. Instead, the new season sets its benchmarks: the most relevant options will be the bracelets in a set, the chains that are ideally combined with each other and the sliding bracelets – will dress so well on the forearm, along with the same version on the wrist. Straight bracelets with rigid shape and stones or massive options have been featured by brands like Chloé, Giambattista Valli etc.

Spring summer accessories 2020 bracelets


Ladies fashion bracelets 2020

Pool accessories

The most funny (and not less trendy) outfit on the podium was the one designed to go to the pool. So, when going out of the shower after a long swim, do not remove the awkward accessories that look like swimming caps, colorful lenses and rubber straps such as those from Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, and we also do not forget about the final accessory – a colorful towel that sticks out of his bag or accidentally over his shoulders.

Beach accessories 2020



Panama hats

The sports alternatives to classic straw hats will become the print panama hats we wore last summer. Now the trendiest combination gives birth to a total look, when the color of the accessory accurately matches the outfit, as suggested by Michael Kors. However, do not worry if the hat comes out of the patterns of the whole outfit: the spontaneity of the children and the slight negligence during the summer are not less important tendencies.

Women headwear 2020


Rope waistbands

The passion for crochet, macramé and patchwork has come to accessories: now the most current options have to be knotted or ties in a bow. It is best to squeeze the strings to the waist and to decorate them with shells and stones, as Altuzarra did. There are some topical variations for sports-style followers: Dries Van Noten, for example, with all the ease and the art of the collection, generously decorates dresses, shirts and pants with laces as does an alpinist in his equipment.

Fashion waistbands 2020




The spring-summer 2020 accessories proved to be very varied and to everyone’s liking. It is important, as in any situation, to choose what suits you.