Trends 2016 – Milan Fashion Week

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Trends 2016

Milan Fashion Week is an event associated with metros of the fashion industry hence a special attention from journalists and audience to the presented collections is indispensable.

On the catwalk were presented a variety of forms and colors, but still there are similar models. That is what allows us to speak about the fashion of the coming season. See in our review what outfits will be fashionable in the spring-summer 2016 season.

1st trend – fashionable fabric

Denim clothes always attracted the attention of fashionistas and designers. But such look was always associated with the street style and could be used only for a walk in the park on a weekend.

Denim clothes

Today, denim clothes are not only ultrafashionable but also extremely feminine as designers offer not only the usual jeans and shirts but also dresses, sun dresses and other feminine “things”. On the peak of popularity in the coming spring-summer 2016 season will also be the combination of denim with classic wardrobe items.

Fashionable fabric

2nd trend – fashionable style

The Milan Fashion Week did not surprise us but on contrary it strengthened the positions of the style of the 70’s for the spring-summer 2016 season.

Trends 2016

Although the collections can not be called identical as this decade has a lot of trends. Thus, some designers presented the audience model of clothes in the rock-style, others adopted looks of those times celebrities, and more creative ones offered variations of “flowers” theme.

Fashionable style

Fashionable style

3rd trend – fashionable décor

And again the hippie style, loved by those who prefer spending their free time, attending festivals, exhibitions and even ethnic events.

Cape combined with denim shorts or jeans is something that will make such a campaign not only warm but also stylish. And for a complete set of garments you should choose with items with fringe.

Trends 2016

Although on Milan Fashion Week, the fringe was met not only in casual style clothing, but evening looks were also not deprived of this element of the décor.

Trends 2016

4th trend – fashionable color

Milan Fashion Week was also remembered by the abundance of blue color in the collections, which, incidentally, is to be expected, because earlier we were talking about the incredible hype around denim. So the collections of famous fashion masters are full with blue elements, and if it was not stated as the core, then the items were exactly this particular shade.

Fashionable color

Fashion color 2016

Trends 2016

5th trends – fashionable footwear

In the Spring-Summer 2016 season, designers again propose fashionistas to spend in comfort, because the popularity of flat-soled sandals is back again. The truth is this time in the trend was the so-called gladiators-sandals, which are characterized by the presence many straps, enveloping the ankle. The height of such product can be very different – from a few centimeters to the knee and even to the hip.

Fashionable footwear

Footwear 2016