Trendy Dresses Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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As the creator of the little black dress and the number five perfume, Coco Chanel once said: “When we have to choose a man and dresses, choose the dress.” So we will do on the eve of the autumn-winter fashion season 2019-2019, which sets the course for originality and experiments. Its ambiguity is seen in the podium trends: black leather dresses, followed by pink baby doll dresses, velvet artistic reflexes that shift into the glow of silver metal, and lightweight silk fabrics combined with thick fur. Let’s meet the new season in an impeccable dress!

Dresses 2020

Noble Velvet

Previously, it was considered an exclusively aristocratic fabric, today a very common cloth in the new season. Its mass use in clothes and accessories has not gotten out of charm, so a velvet dress is a must have that will surely find a place in your wardrobe for all possible and impossible occasions. We focus all our attention on velvet, especially on night dresses, which are again relevant, on stylized historical dresses that remind us of the knitwear of the noble ladies of knights, as well as bold models of ultra mini dresses and shirt-dresses.

Fall winter dresses 2019 2020 velvet

long velvet

black velvet

Easy Fit

This fall, the dress obviously loses its shape: maximum free cut, length to the floor, natural fabrics and nothing that makes the moves difficult. Sometimes it resembles an oversized night shirt, with the comfort of which almost nothing can compete. It seems to be totally inappropriate by size, but this is the desired effect. It can easily bare the shoulder, add volume and can completely cover the shoes. If we talk about comfort, we choose a spacious bag and rough leather shoes. You can complete the image with long leather gloves (if your choice was made on a short sleeve pattern).

Dresses trends 2020

What dresses to wear in fall 2019

Festive red color gown


We recognize it immediately after the frequency of appearance in the previous seasons: the blazer dress has also found a place of honor here. In the top are the two-row button jackets in basic colors, as well as a combination of different materials according to the texture: leather and tweed, costume and satin fabrics. By choosing the patterns on the waist, pay attention to the wide leather straps with massive metal buckles. The innovation of the fall-winter season 2019-2019 is the blazer dress with cape elements, and here again we will need leather gloves up to the elbow.

Fashion blazer dress 2019 2020

Tuxedo dress 2020

Floral print tuxedo dress


Baby Doll Style

Pink shades accompany baby doll style fluffy dresses. The elements of the doll’s style enter the wardrobe of the autumn-winter season, bringing with them the spring mood. The distinctive peculiarity is multilayer and volume, created with pockets and frills. In addition, attention is paid to constructive elements, especially sleeves: they get round and with exaggerated shapes. An unexpected decision awaits us in terms of footwear: massive military style boots, cowboy style boots, etc., that is, everything that is opposite, but which at the same time complements the light pink fabrics.

Baby doll dresses fall winter 2019 2020

Medium length pink gowns

light dress

Knitted Dresses

The comfortable oversized sweaters are in autumn-winter 2019-2019 replaced by very comfortable midi and maxi wool dresses. The principle is the same: a high collar, wide sleeves (bishop or sheep’s foot), woolen ornaments. We complement them with fringes, fur, leather inserts, or wearing underneath a pleated skirt that will appear lightly under the stylish knitted dress.

Knitted dresses fall winter 2019 2020

red knitted

What dresses to wear in winter 2020


Total blur and gradient color is at the forefront of autumn-winter fashion trends 2019-2019. Transitions are done within a range of color, as well as in a palette of absolutely opaque shades. In the center of attention are silk fabrics of different textures: from glossy satin to light translucent chiffon. The idea of an impeccable evening image is a dark color scheme with a transition from black to a dazzling emerald or blue. In addition, there are variations in red wine, lilac and chocolate.

Fall winter gowns 2019 2020 ombre

long sleeveless


A wonderful option was and will remain the leather: faux, genuine, matte or varnished – in any format. And if you still have not found the perfect leather dress, then in the new season you will have to do it. In addition, now you can choose it for almost any type of body: pencil dress, wide cut, leather sundresses with a long skirt, shirt style, tuxedo-dress and more.

Leather dresses fall winter 2019 2020

midi leather

leather office style

Black leather trendy dresses

Night dress in the style of the 70’s

Silk and thin straps are always the right combination, especially when it comes to an extraordinary lingerie dress. The popularity of the night-dress comes since the ’90s (remember the pictures of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell). Now we wear it not only with laconic sandals on thin straps and classic ballerinas, but also with masculine leather boots with laces. We keep on the spirit of the past century and wear the silk dress in lingerie style with an oversized jacket and bulky shoulders.

Night dress fall 2019 winter 2020

Mini dresses 2020

What dress color to wear in 2020

Fur trim

We have already managed to get convinced that fur dominates in the new season. And dresses have not made an exception, but on the contrary have adopted a new trend in all its manifestations. The fur is found everywhere: on the edges of the sleeves and hems, along the length of the product, etc. The combination of the new decorative element enjoys us, creating interesting combinations of both dense wool fabrics and translucent chiffon.

What dresses to wear in winter 2019

Winter 2020 dresses trends

Bulky shoulders

Bringing tribute to the 80s, we rely on maximum shoulders volume. If you have to go to a cocktail party, you do not have to invent anything new. It’s enough to choose a high-shoulder cosmic dress, some classic flats and a purse. The secret of the season consists of the texture: create an original image with leather, vinyl, and metal shades. Make sure you shine at night not less than precious metals!
Dresses with oversized shoulders fall winter 2019 2020

short with bulky shoulders


Mini dresses

This fall, the length of the dress becomes extremely short. Therefore, give up on embarrassment and show your beautiful, infinitely long legs. A basic condition is high-heeled shoes and an elegant jacket, caressed over shoulders. The latter is useful for cool evenings. In addition, these styles open the body quite actively, exposing one or both shoulders, arms, back and accentuating the neckline.

Mini dresses fall winter 2019 2020

Dresses for woman 2020

mini with straps

Mottled print

Once again, we are convinced that without prints we can not create an elegant wardrobe. And this season, a dark fall-winter closet in dark colors should be diluted with a gown with a colorful print. You can use a classic floral print, but in the spirit of abstraction painting and pop art – more brightness and more contrast!

Dresses fall 2019 winter 2020: print

long with fashion print

Shirt collar

Last season we borrowed shirts from men’s wardrobe and used them when created a basic wardrobe. But there is still a detail that designers have adopted in the style of shirt and moved it not only in casual dresses, but also in fashionable autumn-winter 2019-2019 evening dresses. Now, from a fabric of lurex and silk, a collar is created, and the dress looks like it’s dressed over a shirt. Not to mention black bussines dresses with white collars and cuffs.

Elegant dresses with collar 2020

Casual elegant dress

Frilled sleeves

We turn to the question about high shoulders: another way to achieve this effect will allow the frilled sleeve or the “winglet” sleeve. In fact this is a custom frill sewn in the shoulders, but looks how this simple detail even transforms a small black dress! Such a structural element can be of both basic material and fabrics and of colored lace.

Dresses 2019 2020 ruffled sleeves


Silver gloss

The cool metallic shine gets brighter in every season and this is applied not only to the evening looks: we can add some silver using lurex yarns. And for cocktails or parties of a different format, choose glossy surfaces with a mirror or hologram effect. The disco-style look is balanced with basic accessories. A successful dialogue with a silver dress will build a pair of leather flats in dark shades and a small clutch.

Silver dresses designs 2019 2020 fall winter

silver festive

silver medium length

mini silver

Dresses with wide belt

The waist is narrowing every season, and in autumn it seems to have reached the peak. Even wide-cut gowns require maximum belt straightening and you will need to complete your arsenal of accessories with a wide leather, vinyl, or metallic belt. Some patterns resemble heavy leather corsets, combined very harmoniously with lightweight translucent fabrics.

What dresses to wear in 2020

Best dresses 2019 with wide belt

long with long sleeves

In fall-winter fashion season 2019-2019 we put the right accents, relying on texture, color and asymmetry. It’s time to experience with it, changing your strict business dresses with fluffy Baby Doll options, lots of frills and gentle silk with leather and wool fabrics.

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