New Year’s Eve Dresses 2020

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Why do women love New Year’s Eve? No, not because theyclean up the house and prepare all kinds of dishes (probably men will be very surprised), but for the magic atmosphere, the gifts they receive and offer with great pleasure and of course for a wonderful opportunity to wear the most beautiful evening dress. During the year, there are not many occasions of this or not at all, so we look forward to New Year’s Eve with great anticipation.

New Year’s Eve party dresses 2020

Juicy colors

Of course, in choosing a color, you can rely on astrologer’s recommendations to quench the symbol of the coming year, but this shade must also be in harmony with your look. The year of the 2020 is recommended to be met in shades of brown, yellow or green. These colors are very suitable for hair owners in warm shades like blondes, hot chocolate brunettes or caramel shades. And what colors urge us to choose stylists?

Holiday dresses 2020 colors

Black. This is a classic shade that will always be fashionable and makes the body look more toned, while giving the look a touch of mystery. If you do not want to wear a completely black outfit, but still want to try, choose an original pattern with a black veil on an open dress. Very stylish and modern.

Black holiday dress

Soft powdery shades are ideal not only for young girls, but also for ladies of elegant age. Younger can wear a brighter dress with glitter, for example, with sequins, and older women can wear cooler shades and fabrics in matte textures.

pastel shades

Intense emerald green is ideal for celebrating New Year’s Eve 2020. Depending on its shade and depth, it is suitable for both brunette and blonde and, of course, for red haired girls.

Green dress for holiday season 2020

Pink. Peach, coral, salmon not only sounds nice and tasty, but also looks delightful. These shades favor the skin tone. The brighter it is, the richer the New Year’s dress must be and vice versa, a darker skin will be accentuated by open shades.

Pink dress

Silver. The shimmering of the silver rhinestones or the light chiffon in the shade of light gray is exactly what fits most with the holiday outfit. This basic shade fits into any type of physical appearance: hair and color of the skin. The image of the snow queen can be complemented by bright accessories or makeup and evening hairstyle.

New Years Eve dress trends 2020

The choice is one of the kind and symbol of the year will certainly be satisfied!


Which designs not only look good, but also have the role of hiding what’s not really wanted to be shown?

Bustier Dress. Very elegant and feminine. The open side emphasizes the chest area, shoulders and clavicle. The skirt can be both fluffy and tight. If you do not want to focus too much on your hips, then a bulky skirt will hide all flaws, but if you have to accentuate a thin waist, then choose a tight pattern on your body. In 2020, fashionable clothes are retro, so a stylish dress with big buttons can be an excellent choice.

New Years eve dress 2020 bustier

Frills on hem. A dress with frills in the lower part is one of the trends for 2020. The length of this dress can be any, it all depends on your desire to show your feet.

Frilled dress for holiday party 2020

Bared back. This is what characterizes a classic evening dress. Incredibly spicy and feminine, this may have a triangle or a heart cut, or an infinitely deep undercut that exposes the back completely. Do not forget that the posture for such a model must be perfect.

Holiday party outfits design 2020

Asymmetry. This cut looks very elegant and original. Asymmetric can be both the hem and the top of the dress (of course, or one, or the other).

Elegant dresses for new years eve 2020

Mini. And why not? A New Year dress does not necessarily must have the length to the ground or to the knee; this can be a seductive mini design. It is best to wear shoes or sandals on high heel so that the legs look thinner and longer. The top may be completely covered or uncovered. Do not forget, the shorter the dress, the modest the neckline must be, especially if you go to a corporate party.

Mini dress for new years eve party 2020

Let’s choose the appropriate fabric.

The fabric of New Year’s Eve Dress

Even the simplest dress, made from expensive fabrics, will always look better than any dress made of a bad quality fabric. This must be taken into account when choosing casual and evening clothing.

Therefore, to celebrate 2020 New Year’s Eve, we recommend that you consider the following types of fabric:

Metallic luster. These can be rhinestones or a soft fabric with metallic luster. This fabric looks very festive and solemn, while the style of the dress can be simple and without complicated elements.

2019 Holiday party shining dresses

Velvet. This fabric not only looks nice but also belongs to the category of the ones that have lasted for some time. The velvet dress can be completely covered, or, on the contrary, made in lingerie style, in both cases the degree of solemnity will be great.


Silk and atlas. Fabrics with noble luster are ideal for New Year’s outfits. Any pattern will look absolutely phenomenal. It is important to consider that these cloths can emphasize the imperfections of the figure, so if you have doubts, choose a draped easy fit design.


Lace. The cocktail dress or lace evening dress is always an advantageous option as it looks feminine, gentle, romantic.

What dresses to wear at New Year’s Eve party

Decoration with feathers and fur . These are the most fashionable fabrics used for decorating in 2020 for both day to day and evening wear. Delicate inserts on sleeves or hem will be a stylish and fashionable culmination of your outfit.


Floral applications. So what if it’s winter?! New Year’s Eve dress, decorated with bulky applications or floral embroidery, will give your look lightness and delicacy.

flowered designs

Footwear and manicure

In the New Year’s Eve, the details are very important, so do not forget the shoes and the relevant manicure. Let’s start with the first one:

Shoes with metallic luster. If the New Year dress is not made of glossy fabrics then you can focus on shoes. It does not matter whether these are sandals embroidered with sparkles or stiletto shoes with a mirror surface.

Heeled shoes for New Year

Beige stiletto. If the New Year’s outfit shines and is amaze by the complexity of the style, the focus on the shoes is not necessary. Choose stylish beige stiletto shoes.

Beige stiletto

Stylish sandals. As with the first case, do not overload the outfit with details, it can be complemented with elegant sandals with an original captivating design.


A little about the manicure. Did you have a modest French manicure throughout the year? New Year’s Eve is an excellent opportunity to experience other nail designs. Tell your manicurist what dress, shoes, accessories you wear and the full picture is guaranteed! Do not be afraid of bright colors and brilliance, yet this was a long awaited party!



Happy Winter Holidays!

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