Trendy footwear for men Fall 2015 Winter 2016

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Trendy footwear

„It does not matter how old are your tennies, if you walk in them in Paris..”

Today we will speak about fashion because as we now, this comes and goes, but the comfort and quality stays with us forever. It is these qualities, one should use when choosing footwear for every day use and during an important event better to wear comfortable shoes than those that will hold down your movement.

As we know, women will give everything for a pair of new shoes and recently, men began to experience this same feeling.

Footwear for men

The strong parts of humanity are increasingly paying attention to their appearance and spend more time in the fitting room, trying to find the most successful model. Although, men shoes are really in less quantities and there’s a simple explanation for that – men’s fashion is more versatile, so they need quite a few models to “be in trend.”


On peak of popularity are shoes and boots in classic style. Such models are characterized by lacing and heel. The toe can be rounded, square or mixed.

Classic style


High footwear will keep you warm in the most cold times.

High footwear

Boots combining elements of several classic footwear models were presented by designers of the HUGO brand.


The beloved and famous oxfords will be more than perfect in the autumn weather, especially for those who prefer to show up in the office in a fresh suit.


Men’s shoes Derby, will help you in almost every situation because these can be combined with a suit or a pair of jeans. This model is more universal and lately became more popular. Especially these shoes replenished the podium during fall-winter shows. A distinctive feature of models created for the cold season 2015-2015 became the coarse sole and deep shades of blue and green.


Monkey are shoes similar to the previous model, the only weighty difference is that they have no lacing. Monkey are perfect for those who are not accustomed to “tinker” with laces and is in a constant rush. Free classic – this way we can characterize these comfortable pumps, because they do not constrain movement and allow the owner to retain the right to select clothes for themselves.


The crazy rhythm of life increasingly make us spend a lot of time on the street, moving on foot or by public transport. Agree, is not very convenient to run in the classic Oxfords, and sneakers not always correspond to the required dress code. Top-Siders, the model of shoes that once were created for walking on deck, now these are quite an urban trend and may supplement very well a daily stylish outfit.


Vans – are practical sleepers that will help you stay comfortable and also create a trendy tandem with a pair of fashionable pants or even shorts.



The most fashionable material of footwear remains leather (matte or lacquered), suede or nubuck.

Footwear 2015

Footwear 2016


Boots executed from suede in pastel shades or combining some discrete colors will give a bright accent to the look and will transform a boring office suit into a stylish and trendy outfit.


Men, don’t be afraid to be brilliant! Multicolored suede or leather is another trend of the fall-winter season.

Oliver Spencer


Trying to keep up with what’s new on podiums, remember that nothing ennoble way better than a good mood, and clothing – are just a supplement, which, of course, you want to periodically update, but let’s agree that spending all your savings on them is not wise as well. The main thing is the comfort and combinability of the shoes with other parts of the outfit. If you are wearing trendy shoes with sports pants, then unfortunately this will bring you only laughter from the surrounding people.

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