Fall 2015 Boots

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Autumn is a rainy and overcast period, which can be brighten up with the help of a good pair of boots. They protect the feet from moisture and give you a stylish and trendy look.


Leather or suede, with heels and without, with fur patches, all colors and sizes – it’s all about women favorites, the boots. And the truth is, the times when the models of boots were similar like twins are far in the past. Looking at the autumn shows, which recently took place at the world’s most fashionable catwalks in Milan, Paris, New York, it can be concluded that all is in fashion, the important thing is to properly combine the selected pair of boots with the other parts of the image.

Heeled boots

Fall 2015 is coming back with models of heeled boots, pushing aside platform shoes. The trends of Fall 2015 season are heeled boots made of leather, suede, fur.


The heel of boots is a separate topic for Fall 2015 shows. Designers presented models of autumn footwear from high classic stiletto heel, comfortable in daily use, to flat boots. On the catwalk were also seen models of boots, heels of which looked more like a work of art than of casual footwear.

Boots3 Fall


Stockingboots were seen in the collections of many fashion designers.



Above the ankle boots

Boots above ankle is MUST HAVE of the season. These were presented in materials such as leather, fur, suede and nubuck.

Boots6 2015


Rough sole

Compared to heeled footwear, rough sole boots were seen pretty often in Fall 2015 season.





Boots decorated with fur or executed of contrasting materials also gained popularity among fashion designers.


Toe of boots

2014 fashion boots can have not just any form of the heel, but also of the toe. The brightest fashionista definitively must pay attention to the boots with square, iron or pointed toe. Although we can still notice favorites and say that next fall the hit of the season will be models of boots with moderately pointed nose. These shoes are suitable for office, going to the movies or for a sudden invitation to a romantic dinner.


Materials and prints

Leather boots are considered a classic but for several seasons, suede and nubuck models, as well as lacquer models are taking slowly their place. Boots made ​​of such materials are considered to be very practical and with the help of large variety of modern solutions, it is very easy to take care of them.


Continuing the theme of fashion materials of purchased boots in Fall 2015, I want to mention fur, which, perhaps is not very practical, but guarantees warmth, comfort and protection from the autumn depression.


Often designers use few materials to create one model of boots. This decision makes the shoe more stylish and elegant.


And again, in the fashion world, reigns harmony and equality, which, by the way, is a plus for every fashionable woman. Now you can not worry about what is behind the fashion line. The main thing is to take care of comfort, because boots are primarily intended to alleviate the destiny of lovers to take a walk through the autumn park and warm those who might be ignored by the attention of the opposite sex. Boots have to be loved and nothing more!


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