Trendy caps Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Trendy caps winter 2016

In the cold season, the cap is not only an accessory, but also a necessary item of clothing that can protect against hypothermia and, as a consequence, against cold and flu. However, not all ladies understand that and very often, in subzero temperatures, you can see a young lady with a bald head and red from the cold ears. And all this is just to not look stupid or like little children, because the cap is associated by many with this age.

Fashion designers obviously seriously wondered about the health of their admirers and increasingly offer in their collections not only warm, but also very stylish caps. Fur earflaps, berets, headbands are all that roams from one year to year in finding new forms, colors and decorations. But today we will not talk about that.

Caps winter 2016

We would like to talk about trendy caps, which are already loved by many fashion women from European and American cities. And this accessory had to decorate the head of many celebrities.

Pay attention to the inscriptions!

The most fashionable caps for fall-winter 2015-2015 look as follows: jerseys from the famous designer Brian Lichtenberg, who, incidentally, is different by his sense of humor. This can be seen by the inscriptions adorning his creations. Thus, brads like Hermés has turned into Homiés, Comme Des Garcons – in Comme Des Fuckdown, and Céline – in Féline. And all of this can be found in his collections named REASON.

Fashionable caps for fall-winter 2015-2015

As you can see, sometimes even the simplest product may be fashionable thanks to the attractive lettering.

Celebrities choice

It looks like celebrities and simple townsfolk like a lot the self-irony because they hardly leave their fashion accessories. Caps from Brian Lichtenberg already acquired the status of season’s must have and winter has not even begun. So hurry to buy fashionable and, importantly, warm products.

Celebrities choice caps winter 2016

Now you know how to not get cold this winter and be in trend. And in order to take care not only of our head, but of your body as well, see what fur coats are considered the most fashionable in 2015-2015.

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