Fashionable sweaters, turtlenecks and hoodies Spring-Summer 2016

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Sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans, jumpers, pullovers, hoodies, paita … What designers do not invent to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated fashionistas. Today, we will tell you about trendy sweaters, turtlenecks and a little about vests, cardigans and sweaters, presented at Milan, London, New York and Paris Fashion Week.



Women's sweaters, turtlenecks and hoodies

Trendy long sleeves sweaters – a spring-summer 2016 season trend

Early spring is the time when wearing a jacket already feels hot, and without it is still cold. To help comes a warm and comfortable sweater with long sleeves to mid-palm or even longer. This fashion trend was repeatedly approached by several fashion houses as part of Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Week including Giles, Lacoste, Topshop Unique, Chloe, Nina Ricci. The advantage of these sweaters is that they are easily transformed into a classic long-sleeved sweater careless bent at the wrist (not much!). Or even a sweater with three-quarter sleeves.

Women’s long sleeves sweater stil in style

Long sleeves sweater Spring-Summer 2016

Knitted pullovers

Multilayer – in fashion again!

Perhaps we should give priority to this trend in terms of fashion sweaters for Spring-Summer 2016. An interesting model proposed Antonio Berardi: imitation of a luxurious sweater sewn with beads over a silk tunic. It looks very luxurious and sophisticated. Simultaneously we can see several variations of multilayer in DKNY collections: this is a hoodie worn over a shirt or a wide and short hoodie over a dress, which in turn is worn over a skirt. It looks very stylish and original. And the third look from the legendary DКNY is a lovely sweater with V neck + “golden” mini skirt + pencil skirt below the knee. A very nice and universal cardigan in a fashionable color of this spring “almond” can be found in the collections of Hermès. And we end our topic with a look from Topshop Unique: a striped turtleneck, sweater and miniskirt. Here the designers chose three fashionable colors from 10 main colors from Pantone, blue and deep blue.

Womens stylish sweaters

Trendy large and short hoodie

Pullover sweater

Stripes and other geometric figures Spring-Summer 2016

We have repeatedly mentioned the stripes in the articles devoted to the spring-summer 2016 season. It is no coincidence – the stripes beat all records of popularity, driving back from the podium the plaid, “crow’s feet” pattern and polka dots. Thus we see a beautiful blue striped sleeve sweater from Gucci, a very interesting gray striped hoodie with belt from No. 21 (here, by the way, is also seen the fashionable trend – elongated sleeves) and vertical and diagonal stripes on a classic sweater in vivid green from Prada. Squares, diamonds and complex geometric patterns are presented by brands like Balmain and DKNY.

Striped pullovers spring-summer 2016

Striped knitted sweaters

New Elegant sweaters with drawings

Trendy vests Spring-Summer 2016

As we know, the main point of reference for many fashion houses this season became the 70’s, the so-called time of eclectics and different styles. It was in the 70’s when different vests were in fashion, and now found their place in new designer collections for Spring-Summer 2016. Such retro-style vest, worn over classic shirts can be seen on the models from Bottega Veneta. A number of interesting vests can be found in the collection of Miu Miu for Spring-Summer 2016. Many designers, such as Topshop Unique, offer a vest imitation worn over a turtleneck.

Women’s vest spring

Sleeveless vest with skirt must have

Trendy prints and the colors of sweaters and hoodies Spring-Summer 2016

Spring and summer is the best season for bright and bold prints. Light sweaters with exclusive prints will become indispensable for walks and will help you fully show your individuality and unique style. At the end of Fashion Weeks, we can easily list the most current seasonal prints, including asymmetrical prints, bright watercolor prints, strange color prints and large birds of Madagascar, prints with a child like drawings as well as prints with futuristic motifs. The below images are showing sweaters from Dsquared², Iceberg, Kenzo, Topshop Unique and Valentino.

Spring sweaters

Vintage prints

Trendy turtleneck Spring-Summer 2016

Women's sweaters with birds

Women’s best evening hoodies

Remember that in a woman’s wardrobe there are not too many sweaters, hoodies and vests! The more they are, the easier it will be every day to create most stylish and interesting outfits, complementing a sweater with skirts, shorts, jeans, pants and even overalls. We wish you many beautiful spring-summer looks and many creative ideas.

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