Podium look: Prabal Gurung, Spring-Summer 2015

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Do you want to repeat one of the most stylish Spring-Summer podium makeup? We have prepared for you a step by step instruction of how to do that.

Prabal Gurung

The Prabal Gurung Spring-Summer 2015 show, held in New York, was one of those that marked the beginning of this season the neon lipstick trend. The the makeup of models was created by the British make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, who firstly took care of creating a matte and perfectly smooth skin tone, and secondly, making an unusual accent on the lips. Instead of giving them a glossy shine, slightly getting out of the lips contour thus making them more sensual, Charlotte applied a neon lavender-pink shade. Although this image was carefully thought by the professional makeup artist, it will not be difficult to repeat it this summer by yourself.

Prabal Gurung

Step 1. Preparing the skin tone

Like Charlotte, we must pay a special attention to the creation of not only smooth, but also a matte skin tone. Without too much shine, although a healthy skin glow  only adorns. Do not forget that before applying the face foundation, the skin should be well moisturized so as the product “lay down” well and did not create a mask effect. Then, in order to avoid glare and shine on your face, use a matting powder, applying it in a thin layer.

Step 2. Accentuating the cheek bones 

Accentuate the cheek bones by using dark blushes so as the face will not look plain and lifeless. Retracting the cheeks, apply a little cream blush under the bone of the cheekbones, and then do not forget to blend it properly.

Prabal Gurung Podium look

Step 3. Applying eyeliner

For eye make up, Charlotte opted for winged eyeliner but in order to not distract the attention from bright neon lips, she decided to make them not black-angled but gray. With a gray eye-pencil, drag a line along the lash line and then try to sharpen it at the outer corner of the eye. The drag must be soft so that the wings were not too accentuated and did not stand in contrast with the lips but only harmoniously completed the make up. Finish the eye make up by softly retouching the upper lashes.

Step 4. Applying lipstick

If Tilbury got out of the lip contour, when preparing the models for the show, then, in real life, you might not use this trick. The contour must be previously defined and the apply the lipstick on the remaining lip area. If the lay of color seem not matte enough, try to lightly powder the lips with a matte powder.