Podium look: Giorgio Armani, Spring-Summer 2015

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Smoky eyes in the color of the deep sea is one of the hits of this summer season. It remains only to add the wet hair effect to finally become a mermaid.

Linda Cantello, the make up artist and creative director on make up of this brand, was the one who took care of all backstage details of the Giorgio Armani show. It was her decision to make a key makeup shade between aquamarine and emerald, creating a contrast against the background of lavender dress from the new collection of the Italian designer. Aquatic green in a translucent layer surrounds the eye, creating the effect of watery streaks. Linda got a light but rich in color variation of the summer smoky eyes, easy to adapt to different variegated summer outfits. This eye makeup she could also harmoniously combine with a touching pink lipstick, which softened the focus on the eyes.

Giorgio Armani

You can also repeat this podium look in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Preparing the skin tone

As a “background” for this type of smoky eyes Linda tried to make a pale, and at the same time even skin tone. Following this idea, we will have to get rid off redness, under eye circles and first traces of tan. We would need for that a primer with a soft tone or a BB cream. If this will not be enough, in order to get a perfect skin tone, we will have to apply another coat of foundation in an appropriate shade. A final trick will be the use of a matte powder that will help remove the shine. The blusher this time will be of no use: there is no need to have some color on the cheekbones, all the shades in this make up are concentrated in the eye or lips area.

Podium look

Step 2. Creating smoky eyes

Before using the malachite eyeshadows on model’s eyelid, Linda mixed them with a liquid highlighter in order to obtain a translucent, watercolor effect. Doing so as well, apply a mixture of eyeshadows and highlighter on the upper eyelid from the middle to the outer corner of the eye, and then all the lower eyelid. Do not forget to blend the shade so as the smoky eye did not turn out blurry. Apply a light highlighter with fingertips on the upper eyelid in the inner corner of the eye, then you will have the classic smoky eyes color transition from light to darker. Complete the eye makeup with the help of mascara – it will help to make the eyes look more open.

Lip gloss pink shade

Step 3. Slightly accentuating  lips

The eyeshadows in green shades, in combination with a pale skin will make it look sickly, and in order to avoid this, Linda advises to apply a lip gloss or a lipstick in a translucent delicate pink shade. There is no need to try to get an intense color on the lips, just add a little pink on the lips with the help of the fingertips and the desired effect will be achieved and the person will look more fresh and “alive.”

It is impossible not to note that the emerald shade of eyeshadows is suitable for any eye color, demonstrated also in Giorgio Armani shows. Such eyeshadows are better look with hazel eyes as in the make up we obtain a dramatic contrast, while with blue eyes – we will have nothing interesting. These are also suitable for gray eyes.

Blue eyes-Gray eyes-Hazel eyes

Blue eyes — Gray eyes — Hazel eyes

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