Podium look: Altuzarra, Spring-Summer 2015

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Tired of combining red lipstick with classic black wings? Try a makeup option offered at Spring-Summer 2015 Altazurra show.


White eyeshadow and red lipstick – that’s how the makeup artist Tom Pecheux, who worked on the make-up for the Altuzarra Spring-Summer 2015 show, understands purity. This concept was the key in the images of models and Pesho decided to show this not with the help of a natural and nude gamma (that would be predictable), but only with bright colors, without additions and undertones. His perfect red lip color is very clean,the white on the eyelids of models – cold and frosty as snow. All together, these form a harmonious, but at the same time, a contrasting combination.

Altuzarra Spring

In addition, the red lipstick, as Pesho uses in the make-up for Altuzarra (by the way, he chose the fashionable this season matte texture), can be applied not only with slightly colored lashes and black wings. The new version with white shadows looks fresh and easy, and can therefore be considered more suitable for summer. It’s time to try it out for yourself!

Altuzarra Summer


Step 1. Create a matte skin tone

This look has no shine. This condition applies not only to the lipstick and shadows, but also to the skin tone. First, please use a primer that will make your skin smoother and allow the foundation to “lie” more evenly. For the skin-tone correction, use either a product with a matte effect, or the habitual foundation, but do not forget to put on top a transparent matting powder, which will not only make your face matte, but will also consolidate the makeup.

Altuzarra 2015

Step 2. Accentuate the lips 

The red lipstick is a classical technique that needs no introduction. Pesho indeed, interpreted it to a more modern twist, releasing the lipstick with a matte texture. Do not forget to contour the lips with a lip pencil before applying the lipstick and only then “fill in” the surface with the red color.


Step 3. Apply white eyeshadows

After accentuating the lips, you need to “balance” the makeup, applying eye-shadows on eyelids. In our case, this is done using dry white eye-shadows without shimmering particles. Apply them with a large brush to get a thin, translucent layer of white. “If you will use something with a rich texture, the color will turn out very “intense”, and you will look like a panda,” – says Pesho. Better to follow his advice to avoid unwanted effects. If you follow these instructions, you’ll get on the eyelids a fresh white shade that will emphasize the clarity of the sight. In order to not spoil the purity of the white, give up on the mascara in this look.

Podium look Altuzarra

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