Photo lesson: eye makeup with metallic effect

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Do you think the beauty trends from the catwalks seem incompatible with the real life? We hurry to reassure you – many of them can diversify the daily routine, without affecting the usual style. Be sure that thanks to our new master class – this time we parse the tendency of the metallic effect makeup.

Metallic effect makeup

We have already said and will say again: that in order for your eyes to sparkle against the overall grayness of the autumn, be sure you have in your make-up bag shadows with notable shimmer for creating expressive smoky eyes with metallic effect. You decide if this would be a cold steel shine or warm luster of gold but both options, and in general any metallic shimmer, is something that will provide you a 100 per cent hit in one of the top beauty-trends of the season. To know exactly how to follow the trends, listen to the advice of the makeup artist MAC Events Team Mary Aghayeva and repeat the makeup created by her.

Step 1. Preparing the skin

Photo lesson

Before proceeding to the application of face foundations, prepare the skin properly. You can use a thermal water, which moisturizes and tones, and also fills the skin with energy (and, of course, beneficial minerals). Also, for an instant, and a more intense effect you can use a moisturizing lotion.

Step 2. Skin tone smoothing

Photo lesson

In order to not achieve the effect of the “second skin”, opt for a face foundation with a light texture and light reflection effect. To disguise minor imperfections and hide signs of tiredness in the area around the eyes will help you the corrector – apply it in dots on the problem areas. As the focus on the lips in this makeup is not mandatory, take care of their appearance already in the preparatory stage. Apply on the lips a translucent balm that provides skin nutrition, hydration and protection, as well as an attractive shine and volume.

Step 3. Contouring

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After applying the foundation, fix the result using a light powder. The color of the powder should match the face foundation color. For sculpting the face oval you can use both creamy and powdery textures. However, it should be remembered that creamy products are more suitable for professional use (for example, on the set), that is why, for daily use, you will easily cope with a powder. The powder with dark pigment (often contouring is made with the help of the bronzer) must be applied under the cheekbones to give an expressive shade. But in order to not obtain just a dark spot on the face, it is important to blend all products.

The “alignment” of fine white lines on the face is also important. If you want your face to look fresher, apply a little highlighter with a small fluffy brush on cheekbones and the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 4. Creating the metallic effect

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The metallic effect is relevant as ever in the fall-winter season! To create a spectacular smoky eyes, use cream eye-shadows. Their advantage is that they are resistant, easy to lay down and easy to blend. In order to make the color of the eyes more expressive, give preference to eyes-hadows, that are in contrast with your eye color. Brown-eyed fit silver shadow, blue-eyed – gold, bronze, copper. If you want the result to be even more expressive, apply over the eyeshadow a pigment that you have already used as a highlighter, in a wet method. Thanks to that, the glow will be brighter.

Step 5. Finishing touches

Photo lesson


Underline the ciliary contour using a brown eyeliner. On eyelashes apply a good coat of black mascara. Do not forget to pay attention to the eyebrows – “arrange” them by using a transparent gel, previously combing them with a special brush. This way the eyebrows will look more neat.

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