New Year 2016 manicure ideas

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New Year 2016 manicure ideas pastel

Winter holidays make women prepare thorough for the event as they have first to invent their look so as in New Year’s Eve they had only to cook the dinner and watch their favorite movies. If the issue of what to wear on New Year’s Eve is already solved, the haircut and dye is already done, all you have to do is to take care of your manicure.

The festive manicure has to differ from what you have on your nails daily. Let’s analyze some ideas proposed by stylists within Fall-Winter shows as famous cosmetic lines released not a lot of new products for the celebration.


Of course the red manicure is not surprising anymore because it is already considered a classic. Short nails painted in this color match perfectly with almost any outfit. Diversifying it with sequins or a white or black stripe, you will get a very trendy option.

Red manicure for NYE


Past are the times when black manicure was associated with some subcultures. Today, dark shades of nail polish are considered very elegant and are often combined with a cocktail dress which we are convinced many will decide to wear on New Years Eve.

Dark shades of nail polish


Nail polish with metallic shine was very popular in the previous season. Today, it has slightly ignored but still on a celebrate night everything is possible, especially because a sparkling manicure will be a good decision in such a magical night.

Metallic shine nail polish


The New Year’s manicure can be adorned with various sequins, rhinestones, stones and applications. The important thing here is to not overreact and forget about its matching with the entire outfit. You can use special nail polishes, hat already have shining components, intensifying the shine under a certain light.


Nail art

If the simple monochrome manicure seems too simple, even if as a basis will be taken a bright color, try to draw on the nails a real work of art. Flowers, snowflakes, snowmen, moon manicure, double French, reverse French, geometry – all these masters will happily do on your nails, while giving tips on care so as you managed to maintain this beauty as long as possible.

Nail art for new year eve

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