Holiday Nail Art Designs and Ideas 2020

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The long-awaited winter holidays are fast approaching and now is the time to think about the look we will have that night. It is important to pay attention not only to the outfit, make-up and hairstyles, but also to the manicure. That’s why we present you the most up-to-date manicure designs for New Year’s Eve 2020.

Holiday party nail ideas 2019

Holiday party manicure 2020

In the new season, more pretentious or, on the contrary, the simplest fashionista will find its own favorite manicure design. A variety of stylish ideas will help you choose a spectacular design for a special outfit or make a universal manicure for the whole holiday season. The symbol of the coming year is the yellow pig. Still, the stylist’s ideas are based not only on this summer color. Traditional patterns remain in the trend. Let’s look at the trends for the holiday party:

Minimalist style. For those who have to follow a strict code of clothing and have to follow a laconic style, stylists offer minimalistic and at the same time minimalistic solutions. The most relevant here remains the nude palette and the black and white shades in combination with a slight glow.

Sample nail ideas for holiday season 2019

A lot of glitter. If you are not limited to choosing fashionable manicure, then an elegant decision will be to sharply accentuate your hands and the brilliant tools will help you best. The more “dazzling” the elements, the more impressive it will look the whole look.

Holiday nail art designs 2019

Intensity. If the bright décor and the gloss do not fit into your plans, then a good solution would be to sharpen your hands with glowing and intense shades. The trend is the contrasting ideas, an abundance of decoration elements, the combination of several original techniques in a single manicure.

Gel nails designs for the holiday party 2019

Office. A business woman has to pay special attention to hand beauty, because winter holidays necessarily involve corporate parties. And this year, fashioned and sophisticated women are allowed to add shiny designs, stones and feng shui images to a dark or bright base.


Short nails Holiday design

The natural nail length will always remain current. It is especially important to pay attention to the shape. In the new season, soft and neat shapes are still relevant – square, oval, almond. In addition, it is necessary to perform cosmetic procedures, because the presence of the cuticle will always be highlighted in combination with short-nails. Nail designs are presented in bright and intense shades. This is the case when you can decorate each nail with a beautiful design or interesting elements of decoration. A matte finish will make the look even more groomed.

Short nails for holiday 2019

Long nails Holidays design

Girls who can boast with beautiful long nails are not limited in choosing the design. Fashionable nails are decorated in full and concise. Both bright and intense, and simple ones will be a good choice. The most fashionable nail designs 2020 for a long nails are presented with rhinestones and glossy cover – foil, mirror powder, confetti. Designers urge us not to give up large and colorful images, decorating nails with peisage and whole sketches. And if you are looking for a universal option, then the best solution would be French manicure or half moon manicure.

Long nail designs 2020

Stiletto nail designs

Special attention was paid to the design for the sharp nail shape. It is very important in this case to make sure that such a contour is suitable for you, because the short and full fingers will look more bulky, which can spoil the whole picture. New Year’s Eve 2020 looks very beautiful in intense saturated colors with shining coverage. A more concise solution would be the illusion of frozen glass on a transparent basis. For the sharp shape, stylists do not recommend choosing a matt coating. However, the maximum intensity is the most current trend.

Stiletto nail art ideas for New Year's Eve 2020

Holiday nail art ideas 2020

At the last shows, stylists have split fashion ideas into two categories. The first includes ideas that are universal for the entire winter period. Such decisions are rather seasonal rather than festive. The second category includes a nail art, which is purely festive. Here are the attributes of this magical celebration and even the combination of shades resembles a solemn comfortable atmosphere. But this does not mean that thematic design is excluded for everyday style. Let’s see the most relevant ideas:

Matte coat. A glare-free coating will always provide a neat look. Such an instrument is particularly relevant for short nails and darker polishes. The matte cover combines nicely with the glitter applied to the nails.

Nail art design for Christmas 2019 matte

Feng Shui. If strident and too complicated options are not your strength, then an excellent solution to add originality and attract attention to the hands will be to make something original only on one finger. And in this case, you can use a nail polish or a contrasting finish. Feng-Shui manicure extremely popular in 2020 will be French with elements of New Year’s Eve.


One color. Returning to the minimalist style, designers suggest that we do not exclude it from the list of desired solutions and cover the nails in a color. This option is perfect for completing the outfit and if you do not want to put too much emphasis on your hands. For originality, you can complete the manicure with a velvet texture or a matte finish.


Glitter. This tool is considered the easiest to use. However, glitter has become the most contemporary decoration in making the holiday nail art design. Liquid film, confetti, flakes and yuki powder remain a stylish alternative.


Nail art ideas with the symbol of the 2020: the pig

For a thematic image, the most relevant solution will be a design with the New Year symbol. And such ideas are presented as a separate line in this review. Stylists use artwork, stickers, and stamps to reproduce the pig’s image on the nails. Fashion choices will be just the face of the animal or a separate pattern on each finger. This type of nail art design is presented with cartoon characters such as Peppa pig or other famous characters. If you use only certain colors, add Santa’s hat on the head of the animal.

Nail design for New Year 2020

French manicure

French style in modern nail art is considered a classic. This design is universal for the image in any style. That’s why French manicure has its place in this review. Traditional is choosing a white smile on a neutral basis. However, such a decision does not attract attention. Therefore, the French manicure is presented in fancy style. Use brilliant and colorful upper band. Add glitter, rhinestones, images, mirror powder and ombre techniques.

Holiday French manicure 2019


The most beautiful and elegant type of decoration are the glossy crystals. For holiday designs, transparent and colorful stones, large stones and sequins are perfect. With the help of such decoration you can paint the Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, the New Year symbol and other characters. The trend is snow-scenery and frozen river, where stones play perfectly the role of stars or the shine of snow. This decor is perfectly combined with other beautiful additions. Holiday nail art designs 2019 with luster and rhinestones has become very popular.


Cat eye manicure

Another elegant choice to complete a festive look will be cat eye manicure. Such ideas will give a mysterious look and will fit perfectly with the New Year’s magical atmosphere. This nail art design is presented in dark and rich colors. The finishing direction can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, central or side. Add a themed image to your design, and your nails will surely attract attention.


Holiday inspired nail designs 2020

Colorful drawings and nail pictures remain a trend especially when talking about thematic and holiday manicures. With the help of beautiful pictures, the idea and theme of the look can easily be represented. To make the images look clear and symmetrical, use the stamping technique, stickers or sliders. However, artistic painting is considered a more relevant technique because of the originality and the ability to convey small details. Let’s see the most popular solutions:

The Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be painted in traditional green with multi-colored toys, but it can also be interpreted in various ways such as a vertical spiral or the combination of triangles of different sizes.

Holiday manicure 2019

Snowflakes. Another specific design is the presence of snowflakes on the nails. You can draw an entire composition of small snowflakes or draw a large star, for example, after Feng Shui.

Snowflake nail art

Santa Claus. The body or head of Santa Claus will add a fun and childlike note. It is better to make such a drawing on a single finger or in combination with other characters – deer, snowman, Christmas tree etc.

Christmas nail designs 2019

Clocks. This year, images with clocks that indicate a few seconds up to the time of new year have become extremely popular. This option will add magic and will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Nail art ideas with drawings

Decorations for Christmas Tree. If you do not want to draw a Christmas tree on your nails, then the Christmas globes will be a wonderful alternative. This option is particularly welcome in a business look or minimalist look.


Knitted nail art

If you choose a universal design not only for holidays but also for everyday use, the effect of knitted sweater will be an excellent choice. This nail art is made using 3D gel or acrylic powder. Textured formats not only look attractive and original, but also add a touch of comfort to a winter look. New Year 2020 manicure ideas are presented in combination with drawings. The knit pattern can be added to Santa Claus gloves or a gift bag. This design looks elegant with Norwegian-style stickers in red and white.

winter nail design ideas

Mirror powder

A delicate iridescent powder will give your hands refinement and luminosity. In modern nail art there are many wonderful pigments. All the colors are suitable for a festive look, but the most popular are the cold and pearl shades. Nail art designs for holidays can also be made in monochromatic shades. The mirror powder is the most appropriate here. For a combination of gold patterns, snowflakes and snow forest design, it would be better to use a beautiful and saturated pigment in blue-violet shades. Stylists use the holographic effect to decorate one or two nails.


Winter shades 2020

Year-to-year, stylists offer current colors for winter themed looks. As you know, each New Year is marked not only by a symbol but also by a color. It is preferable to choose only the shades characteristic of the new season. Recently, however, such decisions are no longer considered mandatory. Let’s see how the best manicure ideas look like in the New Year 2020:

Red. The most popular choice is the feminine, rich and happy palette. All shades are considered relevant – from intense red and delicate coral to deep shades of claret.

Holiday nail art design 2020 color

White. The magic and delicacy of the winter season will perfectly convey the nail polish in classic shades. In a fashionable design, it is best to choose this color as the base or drawings made on a background in dark shades.


Pink manicure with the symbol of the 2020. Since the new year is marked under the pig symbol, the image of this animal has become the most relevant. And, along with it, pink shades that look gorgeous in combination with sequins.

Pink nails

Black. A universal solution to any outfit will be black. And do not be afraid your hands will become dull and gloomy. Add a drawing or stones to your design.


Yellow. The symbol of the next year is the yellow pig. And so, the solar palette has become the most relevant choice not only in clothing, but also in manicure. For those who do not have time to prepare for the holidays, the stylists urge us to cover their nails with monochromatic nail polishes. Here you can add sequins, foil strips, stones. The yellow manicure for the new year 2020 looks elegant, with a delicate white finish and black drawings.


Gold manicure. This option has become a winning solution in the new season. Gold is considered an elegant alternative to the characteristic yellow shade, and the brilliant effect is perfect for a festive style. And even if you cover your nails in one shade, your hands will look refined and appealing. The beautiful manicure for the 2019 holiday season is also presented with a golden decoration. These can be models, liquid foil abstractions, applied decorations. Both dark and bright ones are suitable as the basis.

Simple nail art designs for Christmas 2019

Nude manicure. The neutral beige-sandy palette is perfect for those who have to adopt a strict code of clothing or who do not want to focus too much on the look of the hands. Such decisions always look gentle, subtle, and feminine. To match the holiday theme, add white designs that reflect the image model from a frozen window. A beautiful manicure for the 2020 New Year’s Eve can be filled with glitter, confetti in pearl shades, drawings in golden shades.


Blue. Another distinctive solution that does not lose relevance regardless of the symbol and hue of the new season is considered to be the blue palette. This type of nail art design can be performed in all shades at the same time. The best technique in this case will be ombre. If you prefer a monochrome coating, then a dark shade will be the most appropriate one. On the same background, white snowflakes and the effect of frozen glass look great. The blue background can be decorated with colored confetti or rhinestones.


Happy Winter Holidays!

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