Women hairstyles New Year 2016

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The hairstyles for New Year’s Eve are so varied, interesting and original that every lady can choose one after her own taste. This season, the loose hair arranged chaotically, romantic braids and original hairstyles in retro style are fashionable again.

Best women Hairstyles New Year 2016 eve


The popularity of braids never goes away and as in previous years, we can see them in many collections of fashion designers. This winter, the thin braid is used as an accessory and as addition to a hairstyle, so Emilio Pucci decided to use it as a hair band, while Valentino used in his collections hairstyles where the braid is braided around the head.

Hairstyles with braids New Year 2016

Fishtail braids are still in fashion and the hairstyle where the braid is on one side of the head can be seen at Thierry Colson. Gretchen Jones used in his show the French braid, difficult to execute. Such option looks very delicate and is perfect for the creation of a romantic and feminine look. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Francesc by Frank used in his collections the 2 classic braids. The last mentioned presented a hairstyle where the braids are braided right from the forehead and the hair from the temple is raised and twisted inwards. Very stylish an beautiful hairstyle that certainly will be liked by many fashionistas in the New Year 2016 Eve.

Hairstyles with braids for New Years 2016 Eve

French twist hairstyle

Hairstyles with charming curls and French twist hairstyles were seen in Armani Prive. The hair was raised on top of the head and adorned with curls and braids from curls. An ideal hairstyle for the elegant dress for New Year 2016 presented Frankie Morello in his show, which modernized and improved somewhat the shell bun. These hairstyles look very feminine and elegant, yet discreet, so much needed by fashion enthusiasts.

French twist hair style for New Year's Eve 2016

Loose hair

The loose hair is an accessory for every lady. Tom Pesho and Charlotte Collins use the loose but combed to one side hair, instead Emilio Pucci and Mary Katrantzou are using light and cascading curls. Carelessly arranged hair can be seen at Theyskens Theory while Mulberry uses in his show hairstyles created by tapping. No matter what we say, thanks to various secrets, even the simplest hairstyle can look very stylish and special.

Loose hair hairstyles New Year 2016


The bun hairstyle ideally complements the outfit for New Year 2016. However, it can be executed neat or carelessly, with few strands of hair left loose.

Classic bun

The hairstyle consisting of a smooth bun is an ideal addition both to evening attire or a casual look. Many designers have used in their shows such type of bun that always shows the elegancy, the discretion and the style of a look. The classic bun can be seen at Valentino and Louis Vuitton, while the classic option was seen at Charlotte Collins and David Mallett.

Classic bun hairstyle for New Year 2016

Careless bun

The careless option, a little loosen and shaggy, looks more soft and at the same time does not affect the image, but on the contrary, it gives a certain charm and style. Thus, Philip Lim presented models with the bun situated down in the back of the head, surrounded by separate strands of hair. While Dolce&Gabbana used in their show the careless bun, created from braids and smooth strands of hair. Such hairstyle looks more like a flower. Christopher Kane’s and L’Oreal created careless buns to accentuate their models the naturalness and gracefulness of the look.

Careless bun hairstyle

With accessories

Many girls embellish with pleasure their hairstyles, namely believing that these are making them look feminine, attractive and sexy. This opinion is shared also by designers who are actively using clips, pins or bandages to create all kinds of romantic images. In New Year 2016, a great popularity will have hair accessories in forms of flowers, and these can be big, such as buds that uses in his shows Guido Palau. Beautiful will also look small flowers and small flower buds, for example at Guido Palau and Armani Privé. With these accessories, even a simple careless bun will look incredibly beautiful and elegant. Also, as an additional decoration for the hairstyles, can be also elastic bands and headbands with medallions and coins or floral elastic bands such as those from Dolce & Gabbana. Hairstyles with accessories are perfect for evening dresses creating a complete look for the New Year.

Hairstyle with accessories New Year 2016

Retro hairstyles

Retro style fashion does not leave its positions and at the moment the hairstyles of that era are very popular. For example, classical waves are used by L’Oreal to create his hairstyles. High hairstyles, with papering are present at designers such as John Richmond and Pat McGrath. This option is perfect for confident girls and those who like to stand out. Danielly Issa uses in her shows retro hairstyles with scarves, tied around the head. This image looks beautiful and attractive.

Retro style hairstyles New Years Eve 2016


Many designers like Jason Wu and Anna Sui, recommend girls to create on the evening celebration the classic ponytail. Instead Ermanno Scervino recommends combining the classical ponytail with a high papering at the top of the head.

Classic ponytail hairstyles New Year 2016


If we talk about curls, then these are probably the best way to give the image femininity and sexuality as what could be more delicate and beautiful than a soft curl which shapes the face shape. The curls can be seen in the shows of Luigi Moreno and Tom Ford. Curls that start just below the top of the head, could be seen in the shows of Emilio Pucci, Charlotte Collins and Orlando Pita.

Hairstyles with curls New Year 2016

Extravagant hairstyles

Extravagant hairstyles are perfect for ladies who like to shock the audience and be in the spotlight. Original variants were presented by designers such as Alexander McQueen, Wayne, Vivienne Westwood, Teddy Charles.

Extravagant hairstyles New Year 2016

Hair accessories

If we talk about hair accessories for New Year 2016, then this season these are quite different. For example, the use of small accessories in the form of tiaras offers Roberto Cavalli. A slim and stylish circle was used in the shows of famous fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton. For example, Marisol Parisian fashion house used some accessories in the form of twisted tresses to cover the bun. A circle with floral decoration recommends us to use Olimpia Le-Tan while Jennifer Behr has used for her hairstyles elastic bands with fur pompons. Some very luxurious combs were used in presentations of Maison Michel.

Hair accessories New Year 2016

There is no doubt that after you familiarize with our article, it will be very easy for you to choose the right hairstyle for the New Year 2016 and be bright and stylish. The important thing is to put all the details and choose the best option for your image.

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