Monica Bellucci 5 style secrets

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On September 30, the amazing Monica Bellucci celebrates her 50th anniversary. Let’s see the style of this inimitable actress from photo archives.

It’s hard to believe, but since childhood, Monica Bellucci dreamed of becoming a lawyer. She did not have enough money and in order to pay for university studies, the young girl began to earn as a model. From the very beginning of her career, she has attracted the attention of many people of art and show business, from designers to directors. The Italian girl forgot about the career as a lawyer, plunging into the luxury world. In the early 1990’s, Bellucci started acting in films, but for a long time could not obtain the recognition of viewers.

The year 1996 was the start of Monica’s brilliant film career: her game in “L’appartement”, “Malena”, “Brotherhood of the Wolf” and “Irreversible” brought Bellucci glory to the dramatic actress who is not afraid of complex, multi-faceted roles.


Monica did not become a lawyer, but we are confident that in the courtroom, she would look amazing! Adhering to the strict and restrained style, Bellucci often appears at events in the classic two-piece suit. At each her appearance, the actress plays in a new way: the white shirt is replaced with shirts or bustier tops, the black color is diluted by a thin white stripe, vests and jackets alternate with each other, even the fabric is changing: velvet, silk, satin and jersey. Unchanged remain only the high heels.

Monica Bellucci Style

Black, white, red

Sometimes it seems that there are no other colors for Bellucci. But it is necessary to pay tribute to the actress – she knows how these shades favors her and skillfully use them. Black and white are slightly lowering the degree of fatal sexuality, inherent for Monica. But shades of crimson and red, on the contrary, emphasize her passion and her explosive Italian temperament.

Monica Bellucci Secrets


After reviewing a variety of actress appearances, we have seen in the fact that her favorite accessories are necklaces: chokers,tie-necklaces, classic chains with pendants and “plastrons”, studded with diamonds. But here is important not only the style and material, it is also important the form. Monica is clearly partial to necklaces in the form of animals and, as a rule, to Cartier necklaces .

Monica Bellucci

Polka dots

One of the most difficult prints can be easily adopted by the Italian actress. Minimum jewelry and make-up, no “heavy” hairstyles, pumps with high heels, handbags in neutral shades represents her most successful formula. We should mention also that Bellucci relies solely on classic monochrome combinations.

Monica Bellucci


Lace is another constant not only in Bellucci looks, but also in the Italian style. The authors of most lacy dresses of the actress are her close friends and well-known top fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, whose main source of inspiration will always be Sicilian women.

Monica Bellucci Lace