Rihanna’s beauty evolution

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Among current celebrities of first magnitude, hardly can be found someone who could compete with Rihanna in her unusual and also very frequent transformations. The singer continues to change, and in the new year of her life – the girl turns 27 today – we expect to see even more spectacular images. In the meantime, let’s remember how Rihanna looked within her 10-year career.

The beginning of the career

Rihanna look beginning of the career

Rihanna appeared on the musical Olympus in 2005: the 17-year-old native of Barbados with big eyes, a childlike smile and long curly hair, suddenly became famous after the release of her well known single “Unfaithful”. Together with the young singer, the song about the tragic love was sang by the whole world while the celebrity began to release one hit after another (we still remember by heart the lyrics of Pon de Replay, Don’t Stop the Music and SOS), and more frequently appeared on television, mostly in teenage programs.

Ri loved her long curls, was preferring a bright makeup (why to not complement the blue eyeshadow with a black pencil, and at the same time highlight the lips with a saturated lip gloss) and large jeweleries. However, the image of the innocent pop princess with exotic appearance quickly tired Rihanna.

First transformation

Rihanna's asymmetrical bob hairstyle

In early 2007, the duo Rihanna and Jay-Z blew up the charts with the hit Umbrella. In addition to the incendiary music and memorable words, all in one voice were discussing the new look of the 21-year-old singer: Ri’s chocolate hair color changed to a rich black, while the long curls – in an asymmetrical bob.

The new image of the singer was called provocative and very sexy. In addition, millions of girls wanted to repeat the new look: “I want to like Rihanna” was heard in saloons from all around the world.

Relationship with Chris Brown

Rihanna short black hair

In 2008, Rihanna began to date the young pop singer Chris Brown (he was only 19). The couple appeared together at all events, not hiding from the paparazzi and constantly feeding the interest of fans.

The romantic couple could not affect Rihanna’s style: she became more feminine and elegant, abandoned the controversial images trying them after the “Umbrella” video. But the relationship of the couple ended tragically: Chris brutally beat his beloved. Photos leaked online, Rihanna made for an open trial against Brown and for a certain time, completely stopped appearing in public.

The new Ri

Riri platinum blond hairstyle

Rihanna dark red hair color

After breaking up with Chris, the world saw a completely new Rihanna: the singer started to choose bold beauty images (Miley Cyrus never dreamed of), at the same time remaining true to her style. It was then, in 2009, when Ri first tried on a platinum blond and dyed her hair in red.

The icon of style

Rihanna sombre hair

Riri short hair

Rihanna’s career was and is continuously going up the hill. In parallel with her musical success, the singer occupied her niche in the fashion world. She is the inspiration of Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Zac Posen.

Rihanna beauty look secrets

Rihanna blonde curly hair

Today, Ri is confidently called a modern icon of style. She is not afraid to experiment, loves shocking and unusual images, can mix different styles. Each appearance of the celebrity on the red carpet is an event worthy of attention, you never know what will Rihanna do this time to impress her peers: a natural makeup or green lips, a tight beam or dreadlocks, some Hollywood curls or a pixie haircut.

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