Details from Chanel fashion show Spring-Summer 2016

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Chanel Details

In fashion the main thing is to be confident in your own and dress as the nature and type of activity suggests, although we should not forget about details. Pay attention to details and then you will manage to create a complete look as not taking into account such aspect as jewelries and footwear, you can completely damage the style you created with so much effort.

Karl Lagerfeld creates his looks to the smallest detail and that is what we want to show you in this article.

The white shirt

The Chanel collection for Spring-Summer 2016, the white shirt occupies a central position. The author of the show demonstrated different variations on the theme of “light top” and suggested many ways to its combination with other elements of the wardrobe.

white shirt white shirt


Metal bracelets and necklaces are not going anywhere this year. Karl Lagerfeld suggested wearing bracelets on both bare arm and over sweatshirts.

Chanel Accessories Chanel Accessories Chanel Accessories


The Chanel designer slightly modified the famous Oxford shoes. Thus, the shoes have lost the anklet and the heel, but acquired a strap that fixes the shoes, fastening at the ankle. Also, the collection has boots on the continuous sole identical in color with the print fabric used for skirts, coats and ties.

Chanel footwear Chanel footwear Chanel footwear

Abstract print

Clothes the color of which resembles a juicy spring sunset, apparently was getting out of the general black-and-white line display. The designer used this abstract print for creating both clothes and also shoes and accessories.

Abstract print


Thin straps with brand name as plaques were periodically alternated by wider belts of gold color.

Chanel Belts


Longtime, the fans of Chanel have never seen such a variety of bags. At this time, the designer presented to the public not only the famous handbags with a long chain – strap, but also voluminous feminine accessories.

Chanel Handbags Chanel Handbags Chanel Handbags Chanel Handbags Chanel Handbags


The Chanel collection for Spring-Summer 2016 is rich in complex combinations of fabrics and interesting choices of decor: floral stripes, fringe, ribbon, etc.

Chanel 2016 Chanel summer

Beauty trends from Chanel fashion show, Spring-Summer 2016

Makeup and hair is an important component of the image, because how perfect would not be a suit, coiffed hair will spoil it. The Chanel show was dominated by simple hairstyles – straight hair and light waves.

Chanel fashion

The makeup was very varied: smoky eyes, colored eyeshadows or eye slightly underlined with an eye pencil. The color of the lipstick stylists recommend to choose low-key, as the emphasis will be on the eyes.

Chanel new

The full Chanel fashion show for Spring-Summer 2016 can be seen here