Emma Roberts beauty secrets

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Emma is one of the luckiest persons who managed to step out of the shade and make a name by herself. That is why, she is known not as Julia Robert’s niece, but as an independent actress with a special talent and a remarkable beauty. At her 24th birthday, let’s see what her beauty secrets are.

Emma Roberts smile

The famous aunt Julia at the sight of Emma is remembered only because of the similar broad smile –  the so called “from ear to ear” smile.  The actor fate of the girl is quite different – if Julia began immediately with movies for the big screen (though not each of her role has been successful), then Emma got her first celebrity through teen series “Unfabulous.” The reputation, “earn” for this role led to her first comedy like “Wild Child”, “Valentine’s Day”, “We – Miller” and a dozen of tapes. More recently, she took on more serious work – for example, participation in the “Palo Alto” James Franco or for shooting in “American Horror Story.”

Emma Roberts birthday

Emma’s evolution in movie corresponds to how her appearance is changing in her life. A couple of years ago Roberts was a cute girl with natural make-up and long hair, not yet knowing what style she should have in clothes and in the beauty-images. But since popularity struck Roberts, her appearances helped her to quickly create and capture the taste of those trends, the observance of which allows us to consider at the most stylish stars.

Emma Roberts main beauty secrets

5 beauty secrets of Emma Roberts

– Being on the filming stage for 12-15 hours, with greasepaint, created especially for the camera shooting, the only thing that Emma can do to help her skin is to wash up the face the earliest possible.

– The girl washes her makeup even if she comes home late and has no forces to do that. In order to take of as soon as possible the face foundation, eyeshadows, lipstick, mascara, in the bathroom she always has makeup removing towels, that fastens the process.

-Weekends for Emma are also weekends for her skin. The only products she is using are the mascara, blush and powder, mandatory in a tone darker then actresses skin tone. She is doing that because she does not like her paleness. The powder is applied not on the whole face, but only on the cheekbones as a sculpting product. This helps making her face appearance look more lively and fresh.

Beauty secrets of Emma Roberts

-Red eyes and dark areas under the eyes are problems Emma faces doe to her full schedule. If with the first issue Emma is coping easily with the help of special drops, the second is solved by an unconventional method – she holds a cold spoon few seconds under the eyes. This helps her get rid of the tired face look.

– Bob is the favorite haircut of the actresses and once doing it, Emma fell in love once and for all. She entrusted her hair to Chris McMillian. Emma likes her haircut and she pays much attention to the shape and volume of her hair. Therefore dry shampoos and texturing tools are products, without which the star can not live.

– Emma is confident that she has to train as often as possible, not regretting forces, because one day there will come a time when age, health, and many other “but” will take away the joy of sport. To keep in shape, she is engaged in pilates, swimming, and sometimes she prefers a more dynamic sport, like dancing and volleyball.

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