Best Haircuts for Women Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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This fall, we bet on our naturalness and therefore we have to give up radical changes. If in the last season we eliminated the maximum length, obtaining a slight messy effect of the haircuts, then in the fall-winter season 2019-2019 this trend remains, but in relation to the length. Now, not the type of haircut is important, but rather the way it is styled. Smooth hair is still in trend, just like the hair of the same length at a right angle. Speaking about length the preference is given to the average length, the smooth hair becomes elongated, just like the bob haircut. We can not say the same thing about the bang that preferred to remain neutral keeping its length to the middle of the forehead.

Haircuts 2020 women


Messy Bob

Bob is a short haircut with a French charm, whose main condition is the volume. It embraces the face, as if it were a fluffy hat, but with clear graphic lines. If you’re ready to say goodbye to your long hair, choose bob haircut: it looks elegant and does not require much care, especially in the fall-winter season 2019-2019. The first place in the top of the beauty trend has actually captured the effect of mess. Light loops can be done with soft curls, tapered hair or simply creating that “wet” effect by applying mousse to wet hair and twisting it with your fingers.

Bob haircut fall winter 2019 2020

Bob haircut for curly hair

What haircuts are in for 2020

Smooth hair

In contrast to the slight mess effect, one of the main roles of the season has smooth hair. We remember this in the last season thanks to Kim Kardashian. The first condition for this type of haircut is the length to shoulders and straight hair. The second, no less important, is a healthy and well-groomed hair. So arm with care products: a variety of serums, balsam which must necessarily be included in the beauty ritual program. And to fix the effect, take the appropriate vitamins. For a perfect style, you will need not only a set of additional products but also enough time. So if you want to get out of the house with a perfect hair in the morning – you’ll need to set the alarm clock at least 15 minutes earlier.

Haircuts for straight medium hair 2020

You will need:

  • Large round brush with which you will stretch your hair
  • Hair straightener
  • Hair dryer with two operating modes: warm-dry, cold-fix the result
  • Spray for hair fix
  • Oils for hair (or spray conditioner that contains oils).

After washing, apply the oil along the entire length (avoiding the root area), dry the hair, pulling it from the roots with the round brush. After brushing it, go to straightening the hair, and here we have to mention the importance of oils and balsams with thermal protection. Carefully remove the hair strands with hands and then dry them with cold air. Fix the result with a small amount of fixation spray.

celebrities with blonde hair

Haircuts for smooth hair

Womens haircut trends 2019

Waterfall haircut for long hair

I have already said that this season you will not necessarily have to give up your long hair. It is enough just to refresh it with a haircut all the way (ladder), or just according to the contour of the face. In addition to the fact that hair will look more luxurious and well cared for, the waterfall haircut opens up the possibility to create stylish loop-based haircuts. Due to the loops being in layers, an extra volume is created. Strands of different lengths will perfectly complement the bleached hairs.

Waterfall haircuts fall winter 2019 2020

Best long hair options

Haircuts for long hair 2020

Short bangs

In the autumn-winter season 2019-2019, the bang tends towards the minimum length. Therefore, it just gets to the middle of the forehead and does not have a clear contour. A short thinned bang brings us back in childhood, giving the face an easy puppet appearance. In addition, it demonstrates a perfect fit with hair of different lengths: from elongated to the shortest garcon haircut. If you opt for a short bang, put the accents on eyes: do not hide the architecture of the eyebrows, long eyelashes and eyeliner!

What bangs to wear in 2020

short fashion bangs

What haircuts to wear in winter 2020

One length

After experimenting with thinned tips, it’s time to go to the length of hair. A sharp outline at right angles is one of the main beauty trends this autumn. For such experiments, any length of hair is suitable, probably with the exception of shorter haircuts like pixie or garcon. The average hair will say thank you because such a procedure will refresh it and make it look fresh and healthy.

Medium length bob for blonde hair

Lob for straight hair

Women haircuts 2020

Haircuts for medium length hair

The average length of the hair is at the forefront of fashion trends in the field of ever-changing beauty. We leave the scissors aside because we do not need radical changes! Just a few simple manipulations with style and here we combine the idea of a smooth hair in Kim Kardashian’s style and the messy effect. You do not have to do much, just to straighten the wavy hair from the Mother Nature, or to curl the straight one. The new trends urge us to create harmony in everything we do!

Best haircuts for medium length hair 2020

What haircuts to wear in fall 2019

blonde medium length hair

Elongated bob

In the 2019-2019 fall-winter season, the bob is determined and does not see any obstacle. And not in vain, this is really an elegant haircut that can be easily transformed. In addition, it is unlikely to be out of date! We can create volume with a lightweight styling and light curls, or we can leave the hair straight. In the latter case, we recommend that you pay attention to the hair parting, making it asymmetrical, diagonal or in the middle of your head and removing the hair behind your ears. In this case, you will need big earrings – the main participant in the fashion game of fall-winter 2019-2019.

Curly bob for long hair

Lob haircut 2020

Modern haircuts 2020 short hair

Creating the messy hair effect

Obviously, the (moderate!) messy effect of hair deserves to exist; just like the products you will create it. So you’ll need:

  • Round hair brush
  • Styling products (mousse, fixative hair spray)
  • Hairdryer with 2 operating modes (warm and cool)

On wet hair apply styling mousse and distribute the product on hair. Brush every hair strand with the hairbrush and dry it gently with warm air. Grasp your hair with your hands; twist the strands with your fingers. Direct the cool air flow to the hair, and then fix the result with spray. A similar but more distinct effect can be obtained through a conical hair plate – the mechanism of action is clear.

long curly hair for round face

long layered hair with bangs


In 2019-2019 fall-winter season naturalness is what you need. Haircuts with slight messy effect looks like the hair have been ruffled by a light breeze. In addition, now you know how to create it!

Celebrities haircuts 2020 medium length hair

easy hairstyles


Haircuts 2020 oval face shape

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