Best Trench Coats Fall 2020

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The classic style has been and will always remain current, and the trendy trench coats of autumn 2020 are no exception. Of course, the new trends could not be overlooked, but now, their tailoring can be completely unusual especially for people who prefer the traditional design. If you combine them and choose them according to the fashion trends, the images will look fresh, relaxed and will definitely “feel well together” in the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Fall trenchcoats 2020

New ways of wearing a trenchcoat 2020

Probably every lady has in the closet a trench coat that for several seasons awaits her starlight hour. It’s time to use it again to create a fashionable look for every day. Here are the new trends on how to combine trench coats with other clothing items.


Several consecutive seasons, the casual style is relevant for urban citizens. It would seem that the trench coat did not take root in this direction, but in Europe, it has become very popular to create multilayered images that use a trendy design in combination with a hoodie. The icing on the cake of such a look is the hood, which is at the top of the trenchoat. The image can be complemented with boyfriend jeans and sneakers or sports shoes.

Hooded women trench coat


One bare shoulder

This season, the fashion podiums were literally seized by the new trend, which has shaded all the new elements. This way of wearing is applicable to any wardrobe element, however, when it comes to trench coats, this trend looks best and is most often used.

Women trench coats trends fall 2020


Black belt

This trend has long shone on the fashion catwalks of the world. Now it is also used for wearing coats and trench coats. The belt can be in tune with the look, in a contrasting or even transparent color. The main condition is its length.

Best trenches with belts 2020

Unbuttoned trench coats

Now it is no longer necessary to close all buttons of the trenchcoat, but only to tie it with a cord and the turtleneck or the blouse underneath must be seen in all its splendor. Thus, the autumn look will be harmonious and modern.

Stylish trench coats

What are the trench coats trends?

For the upcoming fall 2020 season, designers have done a good job with the variety of trench coats offered. They played with textures, prints, styles and lengths. From a large number of options, anyone can choose for themselves something unique. The most relevant patterns are those to the knee. Fabrics are not only the usual waterproof ones, but also many other equally relevant ones, while the length remains the same.

Trendy are the beige shades, as well as other relevant colors in this season. Let’s consider the most relevant styles.

Oversize Trench Coats

This cut ideally complements a look if matched with a maxi skirt and culottes. What does this look like? First of all, it is bulky only accentuated by a belt in the waist area and, traditionally, by the length to the ankles. Such a design can be worn open to reveal the outfit. It also goes well with other oversized clothing, allowing you to use it to create casual inspired looks.

Women oversize trench coats

Fall trench coats 2020 women

Are trench coats still in fashion fall 2020

Rain Coat

The idea of transparent and plastic clothing has been repeatedly interpreted by designers in different variations. This time the trend has reached trench coats and raincoats. The highlight of each clothing item is the colored inserts, the use of different transparent and translucent materials of different shades. Stopping the election on such an item in the fall wardrobe will definitely not go unnoticed.

Fall rain trench coats

Best rain coats

Transparent trench coats



Denim Trench Coats

Denim has also reached outerwear. Only last winter, the aviator jackets, the denim thick jackets were relevant, and now this fabric is also used for trench coats specially created for the current season. It will complete both a casual and sporty look, as well as a romantic look. Such patterns are worn with or without a belt (like an elongated vest).

Women denim trench coats 2020

Fall trench coats 2020 casual style


Denim trenches outfits

Fall 2020 Beige Trench Coats

This trend undoubtedly deserves special attention because the classic beige is again highly demanded. The universal color fits any look. To ensure that the clothes do not look outdated and boring, designers recommend using them according to the new clothing trends, in different types of combinations and experiments with length. For lovers of the classic style, Mackintosh type trenches are ideal, and for those who want to look flirty and cool, we recommend mini trench coats.

Beige trench coats for woman width=


What trench coats to wear this fall


Plaid trench coats

This modern print could not overlook the trench coats this season. Classic black and white plaid or Scottish motifs “coexist” perfectly in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Whatever color scheme you choose, this will be the perfect complement to any total look. Depending on the texture of the fabric, checkered trench coats can be used in various styles.

Fall 2020 plaid trench coats



New fall trench coats

Leather trench coats, eco leather pattern and leather inserts

Leather has conquered the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Biker jackets, coats, aviator jackets and many other leather and eco-leather clothing items are clearly in the wardrobe of all fashionistas. Fashion trench coats in fall 2020 are no exception. Designers use different colors and lengths, accessories for their collections, combine leather with other fabrics.

Leather trench coats for women fall 2020


Trendy outfits ideas in images

To make it easier to understand how and what to wear different styles of braids, we have gathered some pictures with bright and relevant looks.

Fall trench coats 2020 images