Easy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

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The creation of a beautiful and stylish hairstyle requires time and some skills. However, it often happens to have very little time at our disposal but you must at your best. Are there quick hairstyles that can be made by any lady? Of course! Today we will talk about the types of Easy hairstyles for medium length hair. Little patience, minimum skills, several attempts and a fresh and stylish look will be guaranteed.

Easy hairstyles for medium length hair

Greek-style hairstyles for medium hair

You can start with Greek looks, stylish and also very feminine. Such hairstyles are perfect because all gathered hair doesn’t “roam” in the most inappropriate moments. Greek-style hairstyles are extremely popular among modern women because of its femininity and beauty which immediately conquer the hearts of men. Not coincidentally Greek looks are often chosen by beautiful brides.

An indisputable advantage of this type of hairstyle is its simplicity of execution. On medium hair, Greek-style hairstyles look very nice using also bands, ribbons or elastic circles. You can decorate the works of art with flowers, rhinestones, clips, green branches and any accessory suitable for the event.

How to make a Greek style hairstyle on medium hair using ribbons: step by step instructions.

Step by step Greek-style hairstyles

1. Prepare the headband by taking for this purpose some wide black ribbons and twist them clockwise to get a cord.

2. Take both ribbons and begin to weave them but this time counterclockwise. Thus, the cords will hang together and create a foundation for the future headband.

3. Tie the ends of ribbons to get a headband with the desired length.

4. Now you also have to prepare your hair. To do this, wash it, dry it and curl it from mid-length using curlers. Fix the obtained curls with hairspray, and then put on the head the headband created by you.

5. Let’s move on to create the hairstyle. Take a few hair strands and twist them into a cord. Now twist the cord a couple of times around this headband.

6. Repeat the process with the remaining hair strands, twisting them one by one around the headband, leaving untwisted only the hair ends.


7. After finishing twisting the strands, arrange the obtained hairstyle then gather the remained hair in a bun.

8. Fix this bun above the knot of the headband to hide it under the hairstyle. This will be done using thin black clips.

9, 10 The final result.

As you can see, anyone can create a quick and beautiful hairstyle in Greek style, although the described method is not unique. There are other options, which may need different execution times for its creation. The simplest method is to apply the headband over the previously creating curls (or on your curly hair). Other options can be seen in the image down below.

Quick medium length hairstyles celebrities

Greek style options

Greek style hairstyles: step by step images

Step by step greek style designs on medium hair

Quick and simple Greek style hairstyles: images






quick evening





greek style with braids


Easy retro hairstyles for medium hair

Fashion shows us once again that everything new, it is nothing more than the forgotten old. This is how this huge popularity of the retro style can be explained, in particular retro hairstyles. Retro hairstyles look beautiful and luxurious exactly on medium hair length. In addition, such hairstyles fit perfect for both an evening outfit, and a casual outfit. We are also pleased by the fact that such looks can be created very easy and very simple. Every fashionista will be able to create such a hairstyle.

Now let’s see a type hairstyle that can be created by themselves in just 10 minutes. By choosing a suitable dress, you can be a real queen of a stylized party.

Easy retro hairstyles for medium hair

1. 2 Tap the hair on the entire hair length.

3. 4 Gather the hair in a ponytail and then lift it high above.

5. 6 Grasp the ponytail end, begin to twist the hair toward the front. Finally you must obtain a cylinder.

7.8 Twist the hair all the way down and then fix the cylinder with the help of hairpins. These will be inserted inside the cylinder in two parts.


9. 10 Arrange the sides of the cylinder and secure it with bobby pins.

11. In order to keep it in shape longer, use a hairspray.

12. If you want your hairstyle to look more plausible, use a small tiara.

13. If you have long bangs, you can twist it and decorate the hairstyle with flowers. Such option is ideal for warm days of spring and summer.

14. Another option is to tie a handkerchief around your head. In this case, the hairstyle can be matched with a pair of jeans and a shirt.

In addition, a fast and stylish retro style hairstyle can be performed using a simple ponytail and taping. In the end you must obtain a ’60s-style look of Brigitte Bardot.

Retro hairstyle at home

1. Tap the hair on top of the head, which will give an extra volume and the required shape.

2. For a greater resistance, use hairspray all over the hair.


3. It’s time to create a low ponytail. To do this, tighten all the hair on the back head area. You should not squeeze too tight because we need more volume on top of the head

4. We mention once that the tail must be loose. If the rubber band is too tight, you can release the hair a little.

5. Smooth the shape of the hairstyle with a brush. Your goal is to get a round shape.


6-7 Hide the used elastic rubber under the hair. To do this, you should take a few strands from the bottom of the ponytail and twist it around the elastic. Fasten the strand end with a hairpin.

8. The hairstyle is ready! The end result can be fixed with a hairspray.

A stylish retro hairstyle can be performed with a simple ribbon. For this, you can curl the hair or tap it hair and put over an elastic band or ribbon with flowers.

Easy retro hairstyles with hair accessories

Evening retro hairstyles

Quick retro hairstyles for medium hair: step by step images

Sep by step quick retro hairstyles for medium hair

Simple ponytail hairstyle


Retro hairstyles for medium length hair: images






Other easy and original hairstyles for medium length hair (bows, buns, braids)

The medium length hair is ideal for creating many beautiful and original hairstyles, which can be done in a very short period of time. Such hair length allows the creation of all kinds of braids, buns, bows, ponytails, cylinders and more. You have below very simple and refined options.

Hair bun achieved by twisting inside the ponytail

This is an ideal hairstyle from all points of view. Fast, beautiful, elegant and universal. Such bun can be worn both at loved work and evenings of celebration, just as in this case it will be decorated with accessories.

Fast hairbun for medium hair

1. Create a not too high ponytail and fix it with a thin elastic. With thumb and forefinger, divide the tail hair as shown in the picture.

2. Pull the tail through the obtained loop in the direction from top to bottom.


3. The result should be similar to that shown in the image. If you have a thin hair, then you can twist the tail a few times.

4. Now twist the tail end a few times, then hide it under the elastic. Do not forget that this hairstyle has to come out flawless. If you have hanging strands, then it would be best to do the hairstyle again.


5. By hiding the tail ends, fix it immediately with pins and hairpins.

6. The stylish hairstyle is ready. If necessary, it may be decorated, for example, with flowers.

This hairstyle can be left as represented in the picture no. 3. In this case, you will have an original twisted tail, which also can be decorated with different suitable decorative elements.

Hair bun made with the help of a donut or a simple ponytail

This is a very fast and simple hairstyle, the execution of which will require not more than 5 minutes. Such bun is ideal to be worn every day and there are two options to do it.

1st Option:

1. Comb your hair and gather it into a ponytail in the place where you want the bun to be located.
2. Take the specially prepared donut and go through it about half of all strands.

3-4-5 Try to gradually rotate the donut twisting at the same time all hair strands. Do this until you reach the base of the bun.

If necessary, the hairstyle can be fixed with a hairspray.

Easy and simple hairbun for medium length hair 38

2nd Option:

1. Like in the previous case, create a ponytail atop of your head.

2. In this case, the sock or the donut must be placed at the base of the ponytail, therefore, it is necessary to go all the hair through it.

3. Spread all the hair on the surface of the donut very carefully and attentive. This will be done to completely hide it under the hair.

4. Take a thin elastic and secure the hair in such position leaving the loose ends untouched.

5. The free remaining hair strands shall be divided into two parts and braided. Obtained braids shall be rotated around the bun and secured with hairpins.

6. If you want, the bun can be decorated with various decorative elements.

Easy bun hairstyle for medium hair

Shell bun

Another type of simple and modern styling that can be easily done on medium length hair.

Easy hairstyle for medium length hair shell bun

1. Before achieving this hairstyle it is very important to use a texturizing spray that will make your hair soft and obedient.

2. Now backcomb the hair atop of your head.

3. The hair from the left parting must be backcombed as well.

4. Then also backcomb the hair from the right side.


5. Grab all your hair in one hand and with the other backcomb the hair in the middle and then closer to the ends. There is no need to backcomb with too much accuracy. A slight negligence will make the hairstyle look even more beautiful.

6. Gather all the hair ends with a thin elastic and proceed this way on one side because in the end you need to achieve the shell bun exactly in the middle.

7. Take Chinese sticks for food and place them on both sides of the chosen elastic, then tighten them.

8. Turn the hair in the shape of a shell. Do not worry if the shell did not come out perfect from the first attempt. After several attempts, you will learn how to correctly do this.


9. With one hand try to keep the shape of the shell, fixing it with sticks, and with the other hand, fix the hairstyle with some clips. Make sure you have not caught up the sticks otherwise it will be too hard to remove them.

10. If you think that hairstyle is well fixed, carefully remove the sticks. Fix the result with hairspray.

Below we present other step by step options to create easy and beautiful hairstyles for medium length hair.

Beautiful and easy hairstyles: step by step images

Casual easy hairstyles for medium length hair




Festive easy hairstyles for medium length hair


Braided hairstyles for medium length hair




Easy and beautiful hairstyles for medium length hair: images

Images with easy and simple hairstyles for medium hair





















Now you know how to create an easy and modern hairstyle on your medium length hair. There are thousands of such hairstyles options and what you have to do is just to try, to experience and enjoy the result!

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