How to match the lipstick with the eye makeup – VIDEO

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It’s not difficult at all to transform a day makeup into an evening one. Troy Surrat, celebrities makeup artist is demonstrating that.


The main conditions is to correctly match the color of the lipstick with eyeshadow colors. The first step you need to do when you start with the eye makeup is to contour your eyebrows, method that will help to beautifully apply the makeup on the eyes. Then, apply an eyeshadow in the color of champaign on the entire eyelid. With the help of the eyelash clipper you will achieve more luminosity around the eye area, says Troy. Finish the eye makeup with a mascara applied both on the upper and lower lashes.

For the lips makeup, use a lipstick in nude colors and after two minutes, apply a translucent lip gloss. You can opt for 2 in 1 products, like the ones used by Troy in the video, or for separate lipsticks and lip glosses.

There is only one step from the day makeup to the evening makeup. The makeup artist Troy Surrat, advices you to contour your eyebrows in the same shade used the first time, only more intense. This way, the color of the eyebrows will be in contrast with the color of the lips, passing from nude to bright red shades.


As for the eye makeup, apply a black eyeliner on top of the champaign eyeshadow. Draw an evenly line across the eyelid, insisting including in the inner corners of the eye. Then apply a mascara with a false eyelash effect for a soft glam look.