How to get back the natural hair color

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Recently you decided to color your hair. The “procedure” was successful and as all say, changes are always good. But how to proceed if you feel nostalgic about your natural hair color and this “past time” already reminds you by way of the regrowth hair?

Hair color

Why it’s not so easy to get back to the natural hair color? The fact is that to get the same level of tone depth that was before, and, therefore, exactly the same shade, is a real art. It requires hairstylists accuracy, when he calculates the ratio of ingredients to re-paint the hair and restore the original color. And even in those cases where a brunette wants to become a blonde again, such a procedure is necessary, as a paint remover. It is carried out with the help of an aggressive solution it must take off the artificial hair pigment. Without this step, coloring in a lighter shade is impossible. There is an undeniable rule: A paint can’t be lightened with another paint.

And don’t think getting your hair color back it’s a one-time procedure. When you come to the salon to get your natural color, the result of the first attempt” the first painting will depend on many factors. Do you have porous hair? What products will you use later to take care of your hair? Will you go to the pool? Will “test” your hair under the southern sun? And that’s not all. It is possible for you to finally return your” color with only a repeated coloring, when the roots will grow back after the first coloring. In its course, a better option is to  “editthe final shade.

From blonde to brunette

To get a nice color on the way from blonde to brunette, it is important for the hairdresser to calculate what pigment in the hair is not enough for a full blackout: yellow, orange or red. This will be necessary if you can not (or will not) wait and wish to get back the desired shade as soon as possible.

But there is a more gentle option for your hair Ombre. This coloring was originally conceived in order to give the hair a rest from the constant lightning. Ombre is the perfect solution that allows you to make a smooth transition from light hair end to dark roots without damaging the hair structure. The result is a great opportunity to feel blondes, being brunettes.

From brunette to blonde

It will take only one day to obtain a lighter hair color having darker shades but there is a risk of  hair breakage. Especially if the hair was colored in dark tones many times. After that, at the hair end, the pigment can accumulate so much that will not be possible to lighten the hair to the desired degree. The most “soft” option is to ask first for a medium or light brown. And next time your true blond. This would be better for the health of hair and the client will easier support emotionally the change.

Back natural

How to take care of your hair when your natural hair color is obtained? 

This type of hair must be treated as if it was lightened or chemically damaged and it does not matter what color shade you have in actual fact. The intensive moisturizing will confer the hair its initial elasticity. Products for colored hair will help keep the new shade. Restorative procedures will positively affect the internal structure and accelerate the process of postoperative” hair rehabilitation. The combination of these three basic types of hair care will bring to the original hair condition.

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