Hair Color Trends 2019

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A suitable hair color is able to completely change the image. Fashionable hair colors in 2019 will make the skin lighter and accentuate the shade of your eyes. Monochromatic hair colors are history being now replaced by a lot of variations, new techniques, which we will describe in detail below.

Hair color 2019

Hair Color Trends 2019

What color trends 2019 will be presented to ladies? The stylists urge us to opt for either the light brown shades or the dark colors close to the chocolate.

The fashion will be extravagant elements, which consist of the contrasting transition from the natural color of the hair to brighter shades. For example, very famous is the graduate transition where the hair ends are painted in shades of blue, pink or purple.

The Californian highlights, where the tips are lighter than roots, continue to be fashionable. Such staining creates the effect of the grown roots, which 5 years ago left the feeling of a bad taste. Incredibly demanding will be the platinum blonde hues, which are especially suited for blondes who want to give the image a touch of originality.

2018 hair color

Hair color trend 2019



What hair color is in for 2019

Blonde Shades

Today, blondes have many hair dye options, which will look elegant, will adapt to the shade of the complexion and will not alter the mood. The most popular blonde shades for 2019 are:

  • silver
  • gold
  • cream
  • caramel
  • platinum
  • gold rose

We also have to say that bleaching is a stress for the hair so the blondes have to get balms, masks, special oils if they want their hair to look healthy and cared for.

Blonde hair trends 2019


long blonde hair

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde has not only conquered celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, but has also created a new phenomenon. Moreover, the platinum blonde must be present on short hairstyles.

Hair colors 2019 platinum blonde


Platinum blonde 2019 short hair

Platinum blonde medium length hair


Ash blonde

Caramel Blonde

This hue has plenty of reason to be loved: looks elegant enough, shining in cold and warm tones at the same time. The caramel blonde is suitable for any shade of the complexion: aristocratic pale or sexy golden bronze. Caramel is suitable for women of all ages.

Fashion hair color 2019 caramel



Blonde shades 2019 caramel

Cream Blonde

Generally, the cream blonde is a variation of the platinum blonde with a yellowish hue. So if you’re still trying to get rid of the yellow on your hair, then do not waste time in vain and run to a skillful colorist to create a trendy cream blonde. A little sunshine does not hurt anyone.

Hair died in cream blonde hue

Blonde shades to wear in 2019


Gold rose

This hair color is only suitable for blondes, and if you are a brunette, the procedure of hair bleaching is simply inevitable. Color turns out to be mild, pastel, and the image itself becomes light and special. This shade suits everyone:

  1. short-haired ladies;
  2. long-haired ladies;
  3. ladies with asymmetric haircuts.

Hair colors 2019 gold rose




Blonde hair trends 2019 gold rose

Dark Roots

Now you no longer have to run to your colorist as soon as the first grown roots appear. The difference in color between the total length of hair and roots is now in fashion. Moreover, this secret is used by many celebrities. Does it seem, or is it, the most convenient trend that has ever existed?

Blonde celebrities


Hair color trends 2019 ash blond



2018 Hair colors trends for dark hair

No matter how we try to avoid darker hair shades, they now return in fashion. If you want to keep your hair color or if you want to go back to it, then choose a dark color with brown shade, so your color will be lighter than the black that is so current at the moment. Among the dark shades are also the following:

  • chocolate
  • hazel brown
  • coffee
  • black
  • chestnut

Moreover, this season you can choose to combine them in any quantity: you can highlight one or two strands, you can use the bleaching or ombre technique.

Hair colors 2019 brunettes


Hair shades for brunettes 2019


The hair dyeing technique in intense black shade has long been avoided by specialists in the field. This was replaced by all sorts of other techniques, and even painted the girls in red shades, doing their best to avoid the black hair. But time does not stand still and now black hair is in great demand.

Color of the year 2019 for black hair






Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered one of the most popular hair shades among ladies. This has a reasonable explanation: the color is very natural, but at the same time very intense.

Chocolate shades 2019


Permanent hair color in dark chocolate shades




The burgundy shade has not lost its popularity for a few years. This has brought us newer shades and options to conquer our hearts again.

Dyed hair 2019 burgundy

Hair color suitable for brunettes




Burgundy hair color trends 2019

Intense Red

Many ladies have already begun to get bored with the usual brown or blonde hair shades. That is why they are making new experiments and try to give the image something completely new and different. The intense red shade can become a solution for that.

This will fit almost any lady, will highlight her from the crowd and give her personality. The red shade looks as beautiful in the presence of brown, blue and green eyes. And if you have freckles or they periodically appear on your face, the intense red hue can leave the sensation of a natural-colored hair.

Hair color 2019 intense red


What hair color is suitable for red haired ladies in 2019


Hair Dyeing Techniques 2019

The easiest way to dye your hair is to make it in one color, suitable for the shade of your complexion. However, we must not forget about the hair dyeing techniques, which so many and so diverse.


The hair dyeing involves creating a lighter hair shade in a certain area. The splashlight technique is achieved by coloring a horizontal line on the perimeter of the head, which looks good on the light and dark hair.

Hair dyeing techniques 2019 splashlight


Splashlight hair hyeing technique 2019


Hair color 2019 splashlight


The Shatush technique was famous a year ago, but now it does not want to give up its positions. Shatush technique reshapes the dyeing of higlights by bleaching hair color to the roots, all the way, creating the “sunburn” effect. The result is a very natural and stylish one.

Hair dyeing technique shatush


Hair color ideas 2019 shatush



The contouring technique is well-known to makeup artists, but stylists also use it quite actively. Their primary purpose is to choose such a haircut and color that would highlight all the perfections of the face, and hide the imperfections. In the case of hair contouring, everything is very simple: bleached is the portion of hair that needs to be highlighted, and darkened is what you want to hide. The same applies to makeup. With this technique, a protruding forehead can be hidden or the neck may be elongated. The result is fabulous only if you use the services of a skilled hairstylist.

Hair colors 2019 contouring technique


Contouring hair color ideas


The most current hair dyeing technique is balayage, where the hair tips are non-uniformly painted in a lighter color than the main one with 2-3 shades. As a result, the effect obtained looks interesting and fits into the classic image. The immense advantage of balayage is that it looks good on both straight and curly hair.

Hair color 2019 balayage

Balayage for long brunette hair

Balayage blonde hair

Balayage 2019 ash blonde


Tiger Eye

The tiger eye hair technique is a variety of balayage, which is called so because of the color palette that resembles a semiprecious “tiger eye” stone. The technique involves dyeing the highlights in warm shades: red, light brown, caramel, ash, light brown.

The tiger eye hair 2019

Bob 2019 tiger eye hair color


Hair dyeing technique 2019 tiger eye


Sombre is a hair dyeing technique that performs a soft and gradual transition of darker shades to lighter. Sombre is almost the same as Ombre, but the contrast is not so noticeable. Sombre is chosen by ladies who want to leave their natural hair color, but, at the same time, add a special note to their look. The result is just as natural, but it looks quite different.

Sombre for medium length hair

Best sombre hair 2019



We have to say that this technique is a rather complex, time-consuming one, so it’s just worth going to a very skilled hairstylist. Pixel technique is a unique technique. First, only the courageous will decide to do it, because it is an extravagant and unusual solution, and secondly, it always requires an ideal hair arrangement, otherwise the effort will be in vain.

Hair colors 2019 pixels




Pixel hair color

The new season offers various possibilities for creating the right appearance. You can stay with the same hair shade or you can make a change by choosing one of the 2019 hair dyeing techniques listed above. The choice belongs to you!

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