H&M Studio Lookbook, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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H&M Studio Lookbook

Only a short time ago, this brand started to please its readers with podium shows and we must say it had a real luck. First of all, the Swedish company thinks about its customer’s comfort. And this brand will help you to be in trend and at the same time to not feel constrained.

H&M 2016

Very soon, clothes from the new Lookbook will be on sale and we have to be prepared for that. That is why, we offer to decide even today what to purchase from H&MStudio boutiques.

The idea of the collection

So, the new podium collection is first of all a desire to combine 2 elements. As envisioned by authors, men and women must stop compete and join. These way designers decided to combine feminine tunica-dresses with men jackets or adjusted men trousers to the female body shape. This doesn’t speak at all about women desire to rule the world, this is only a confession that male wardrobe is more practical and that modern women feel pretty comfortable in such clothes.

H&M Fall-Winter


A special attention must be paid to the color of clothes. Because if the shade is not appropriate for you, then the cut will not save the situation at all. The new H&MStudio collection is rich in various color combinations. Here we may see brown, dark-blue shades, combination of red and turquoise, as well as abstract prints.

H&M New H&M H&M H&M

Fabrics and textures

Patent leather is still amongst this brand’s favorite fabric for pants. Long chiffon and silk dresses are ideal options for the beginning of autumn and in a colder weather, you can wear over a fur product.


Footwear and accessories

Boots with slightly wide bootleg on a stable not too high heel can be harmoniously combined with an A-silhouette coat and dresses. Designers advise to adorn such outfit with accessories with genuine jewels.

Accessories Footwear

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