Sunglasses for Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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It’s not true that sunglasses are trendy only in the hot season of the year. This accessory became a must for the whole year and even the period of the day we wear them doesn’t matter. Today, you can wear your favorite sunglasses day and night, the important thing is that they had a form suitable for your shape of the face and were trendy because believe it or not, sunglasses are the main detail of an outfit one will certainly notice when you walk on the street.

Sunglasses Fall

You have to choose them based on the following criteria: shape and color. And if the color of the lens can vary and even be out of fashion, then the shape must definitively be in trend.

Trendy shape of sunglasses for Fall-Winter 2015-2015

In Fall 2015, in trend are sunglasses with mixed geometric shapes: rectangle-square, rectangle – triangle, oval-round, etc.

Sunglasses Winter

Sometimes we want to hidden from others but let’s agree, we can not lock in the house. In such moments, big sunglasses are a rescue. They hide almost all face giving its owner the possibility to feel protected.

Sunglasses 2015

A special place in the Fall-Winter collections occupies “cat eye sunglasses”. This trend is perfect for owners of different face shape and hair color, as these are very universal. The cat eye sunglasses will perfectly complement an autumn outfit and will rescue from the dazzling morning sun.


Sunglasses 2016

It would seem that the “Aviator” trend is already in the past and instead came no less successful models. But the love of fashionistas for this form of the rim, made designers includes it in their shows again and again. However, this time, aviators slightly “grew up” and instead of the classic metal frames received a reliable plastic cover.


Trendy color of lenses in Fall-Winter 2015-2015

Sunglasses with dark lenses are a classic that should have every fashionista.

Lyn Devon

The transition from dark to light in the popular hair coloring, in nails and even in fabrics, got to the sunglasses, too. Smoky colors of sunglasses is the trend that subdued many of us.

Roberto Cavalli


Translucent lenses in bright hues – a stylish solution for those who like to wear sunglasses at any time of the day or night.

Louis Vuitton

Transparent glasses – another trend of the Fall-Winter season. Narrow and wide frame are the distinctive features of this design.


Trendy frame of sunglasses for Fall-Winter 2015-2015

In this cold season is not only important to experiment with color and shape of the lenses of sunglasses, but also with the color of the rim. Bright colors of frame can be perfectly combined with smoky and translucent lenses.

Trendy frame

Dries Van Noten

Very popular today is the solid plastic rim, which, if necessary, can be decorated with any additional elements. Kenzo designers suggested to pay attention to the combination of textures, especially combining metal and plastic.


As an interesting solution for Fall-Winter season sunglasses, offered designers of Chanel brand. Obviously, they decided to bow fashion to tweed products, by introducing stylish sunglasses decorated with a soft cloth.


Sunglasses are a must have of any self-respecting fashionista. Pay attention to the fashion trends of the season and before purchasing any product, try on as many models as possible, do not miscalculate the shape and enrich your collection of accessories with things suitable for you.

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