Ralph Lauren clothing for boys, Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Ralph Lauren designers offer young fashionistas to meet Fall 2015 in monochromatic predominantly pastel dresses. The emphasis is placed on brown, blue, gray color palette. But despite the apparent dominance of monochrome, the print still has not remained below this collection. Geometric patterns look great on knitwear and woolen products. By the way, dominant are the shades acceptable in schools, and we should not forget that the form has become a prerequisite in almost all schools.

Ralph Lauren collections for children are elegant children’s clothes, most of are repeated cuts of adult line. This approach will allow parents to easily wear properly their child for important events. The desire to pick up outfits for children, similar to theirs is now very easy to realize.

When creating this collection, designers paid a special attention to the daily outfit. They took into consideration that young fashionist must go to school and there is a dress code. That is why in the collection we can see bomber jackets, coats, jackets, pants with inserted pockets, sweaters and shirts. There are also strict style outfits, suitable for a special dinner, celebration or even social events.

Parents must show their children a right example and teach them since early childhood not only the behavioral norms but also dress code norms.

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