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Already several centuries, people try to guess the significance of green eyes. A certain period of time, green eyes is believed to be of wizards and magicians, or soldiers and brave knights. They differ by their attractiveness, mystery and delicacy. The beauty of green eyes can be accentuated with a correctly done makeup and we will help you do that.



Eye makeup green eyes

Best eyeshadows for green eyes: basic rules

Cosmetics are designed to highlight the beauty of green eyes. The palette of colors like peach, fine emerald, yellow-green, all shades of natural turquoise, brown, purple and all existing shades of purple will increase their depth.

– To give your eyes a cat eye look, try to combine shades of dark green and chocolate brown with classic shades of brass or gold.

– To make your eyes look more big and wide open, create a makeup in metallic shades, plum and various shades of purple.

– Green eyes can be emphasized by contrasting reddish hues like pale orange, red-brown, pink.

– Your eye color can be accentuated through a monochromatic makeup in olive range. Such makeup can be called perfect when it comes to a day makeup.

– A day makeup for green eyes can be executed in golden-white, fine beige, opal, white violet, plum color palette and by using eyeshadows in natural shades of champagne.

– For a more glamour evening makeup choose eyeshadows in monochromatic golden hues.

– Eyeshadows in shades of terracotta can give female eyes a spicy emerald shade. Such an effect has also the shades of blue, but you need to be very careful with them.

– A beautiful multicolor makeup will look great on green eyes if it will be done in contrasting colors, for example in warm and cold colors simultaneously. Light colors such as peach and brown will also be perfect for a green eye makeup. The emphasis will be created with the help of darker eyeshadows. You can opt for shades of black, brown, intense gray, dark violet, ultramarine.

What eyeshadows to avoid

It is not a secret that many makeup artists experience a real pleasure to work with green eyes, because in this case they can fully show their talent, professionalism and skills. Competent experts know that when creating a green eye make up, they should be very careful and choose the appropriate color palette of cosmetic products. There are some shades, the use of which in some cases is categorically inadmissible.

– The shades of blue will be used with special care because in most cases, the green color in combination with blue eyes gets unnoticed. However, blue has many shades and nobody will ban you to experiment.

– You must be careful with applying makeup in shades of green, that exactly match the color of your eyes Your main task is to emphasize your eyes and not create two big green spots. If you do not want to have a tired look, opt for a green that is a shade lighter or darker than the natural color of your eyes.

– Many know that silver eyeshadows are universal, i.e. they fit almost anyone. In green eyes, this rule is no longer current. If in a day makeup you will use silver shades, then there is a risk that your look will become aggressive.

– Some girls love the light blue color, but they should be very careful, because often it does not combine with natural green eyes. However, if you decided to apply it, the makeup can look vulgarly.

– The pink color is very special and its use is very subtle. In the end, you can get both a fresh makeup, and one that will make you look tired.

– Finally, we must necessarily mention the black color. And not just the eyeshadows in shades of black, but also all decorative cosmetic products in general. A makeup done in black color (eyeshadows or eye pencils) may look very mature and quite brutal. Better opt for shades of brown and gray.

Choosing the eyeshadows and other cosmetics will depend very much on the eyes, as well as on the skin of its owner.

Makeup for dark green eyes

This makeup is very interesting and at the same time very complicated as dark green eyes can have shades of malachite, emerald and jade. These shades can be seen at brunettes. So, you want an evening makeup, opt for the Arabic makeup where you will use brown, grey and even dark green shades. You can also use the yellow and purple palette. In this case, the chameleon eyeshadows, where for example the dark green changes to gold, are perfect. If you want to use eyeliner for an evening makeup, then the black color is what you need, while for a day makeup, opt for graphite.

Makeup for dark green eyes

Makeup colors for green eyes

Step by step makeup: images

Step by step makeup ideas for green eyes

Natural make-up for green eyes

Makeup for blue green eyes

This eye shade reminds us more of blue. Eyes with such color have a delicacy and naturalness, often we can see the presence of turquoise shades. In the process of creating a makeup, take into consideration that this color may soon change, depending on clothing, environment and women’s mood. For such eyes there is no restriction, here fit all light shades and even blue. However, you should avoid using darker shades, with which you will only contour the eyes.

Green eyeshadows for green eyes

Blue-green eyes makeup


Blue eyeshadows for green eyes

Makeup for hazel green eyes

Due to the present soft golden shade, such eyes resemble the cat eyes. The makeup for such eyes has certain particularities. The possessors of such eye have irregular staining of the pupil. Usually, they are characterized by an intense brown center and an emerald or green grass border. With the help of properly chosen eyeshadows, you can not only change the eye color after the chameleon principle, but also the gaze. If makeup requires the creation of wings, then in the inner corners of the eye, on the upper eyelid is recommended to apply caramel colors, which will make the eyes more open. When creating an evening makeup, for example smoky eyes, we recommend using regular black eyeliner. In addition, you can apply eyeshadows that creates around eyes a smoky shade of “wet asphalt”, graphite, black-gray and even leaden.

Makeup for hazel green eyes

In order to have a more pronounced green eye shade and the natural shade to gain more expressiveness and intensity, celebrity makeup artists recommend when creating an evening makeup using contrasting eyeshadows with natural shade, which will allow the eyes to be more open and shining. The green shades may be increased simply by using purple, pink and fine violet colors. Rather, it is absolutely necessary to use a range of lively colors. It is enough that the color palette had a small amount of coloring pigment.


The day makeup for such eyes will be executed as closely as possible to the natural shade, without forgetting about the color of female personality. For example, summer and winter women, can opt for cold shades of silver, gray or pearl-gray, while spring and autumn women, can successfully use colors such as bronze, peach and beige.

Day makeup for green eyes summer and winter women

Make Up for spring and autumn women

Makeup for hazel-green eyes: step by step images

If you want to give expressive to your eyes and emphasize the brown color, use the blue color palette that will give warmth to the gaze. Strident blue can be replaced with a shade of blurred blue or indigo.

Step by step makeup ideas for hazel-green eyes




“3 magic colors” makeup: step by step guide

Step by step makeup for green eyes

1. First of all, apply brown eyeshadows on all over the crease, after that – the dark brown. All formed borders are blended well.

2. Taking a green pencil, draw a line across the lower eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Pull the line a little further, beyond the eye line. The length of such line should be created independently, the choice will depend on the style of the makeup and eye shape.


3. Apply below the eyebrow light eyeshadows

4. In the eyelid area, apply eyeshadows in shades of bronze.

5. Above apply eyeshadows in shades of gold.

6. Using an eye pencil, draw a clear line inside the lower eyelid (from the inner corners of the eyes outwards).


7. Draw wings, using a black eye pencil or eyeliner.

8. Now apply mascara.


Makeup for green eyes (with gray shades)

If we talk about an evening makeup for owners of gray-green eyes, then we recommend the use of eyeshadows in all shades of peach. They can be used as the basis of the entire makeup. Apply the eyeshadows on the upper eyelid and below the eyebrow. Above apply gray-brown eyeshadows in the outer corners of the eyes. Using eyeshadows in shades of chocolate you will be able to emphasize the eye shape. All borders will be blended. Mascara will be chosen in brown or black shades. The blush and lipstick will be chosen in pale shades.

Gray-green eyes makeup

Choosing the best color palette, opt for a range of colors in cool shades of graphite or steel gray. By applying these shades, you can get a great expressiveness of the eyes, and in some cases it is even possible to remove the green eye shade, if needed. If you want to create an easy day makeup, then we recommend using shades of gold. Examples of such palettes can be shades of peach, delicate coral and champagne. Ideal are also the eyeshadows in pink, golden or brown range color. With such colors the gaze will become softer.


Step by step make up for gray green eyes: images

Step by step make up for gray green eyes





Choosing the eyeliner and mascara for green eyes

When creating makeup for ladies with green eyes, you can use both black mascara, and also different colors mascara. In this case it is allowed to use brown, purple and even green colors. The application of mascara will be done taking into consideration the professional method: powdering the lashes, applying a layer of mascara, wait a few minutes and repeat the application procedure, twisting and pulling up slowly the lashes. The eyeliner will be carefully applied so that it will be just perfect. You decide what kind of eyeliner line to create.

Eyeliner for green eyes

Makeup for green eyes blonde hair

Green eyes and light hair color always looked charming and beautiful. Yet such beauty requires proper care. Here are the most important recommendations for ladies with such features:

– Makeup for blondes allows the presence of gold and brown colors. On the eyelids you can also apply eyeshadows in bronze colors.

– The ladies with such features can choose eyeshadows in shades of pink and gray. These colors will be ideal for a day makeup.

– For an evening event you can also use shades of purple. It is important that they be intense and dark.

– Instead the violet color range, you can opt for eyeshadows with metallic luster and golden shades, perfect for evening looks.

Makeup for the green-eyed blondes









Green eyes brunette makeup

Brunettes can opt for black eyeliner and famous smoky eyes. This makeup is done in stages – first, apply gold or bronze eyeshadows on the eyelids, then darken with darker colors in the area of eyelashes growth. If you want to use some golden eyeshadows, you can get an evening makeup for brunettes with green eyes. In addition, brunettes can perfectly opt for blue and even pink shades. Below are shown makeup ideas for brunettes with green eyes.

Green eyes brunette makeup







Green eyes brown hair makeup tips

Brown hair women find difficult to determine the optimal shade of eyeshadow. It can be said with certainty that all shades of purple and lilac are perfect. A brunette can perform both a day and evening makeup in these shades. Green-eyed brunettes can also opt for other color palettes, such as beige and peach. For a day makeup, use brown and honey color eyeshadows. In this case you have to experiment and try different options, since the choice of eyeshadows will depend on hair and skin color of its owner.

Green eyes brown hair makeup



Makeup tips for redheads with green eyes

Ladies with red hair usually have a thin and pale skin, so the makeup should be done carefully. Thus, for a day makeup you can use light shades of translucent green. Similar with brunettes, redheads can also apply beige and brown eyeshadows. But for various ceremonies, they can use intense shades of colors as indicated above.

Makeup for redheads with green eyes



Whether you’re a redhead, brunette or blonde, green eyes will shine and radiate beauty with a makeup done correctly. You already know the tips and rules of a make-up and now you will only have to create, experiment and try.

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