Blumarine romantic clothing

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Blumarine Resort

Resort Collection, Spring-Summer 2016

The Italian brand has long won the recognition of refined and sophisticated women. Designers of the fashion house from one season to another create collections that accentuate the charm of the figure and hide the imperfections. The author feels the fragile nature of the beautiful half and knows for sure the answer to the question “What does a woman want?”

This time, the Resort collection is rich in pastel shades, streamy fabrics, lace and delicate floral print.

Accents in clothing are created by bright details of contrasting shades, which are in harmony with clothes in pastel colors.


The author decided to add a tight fit cut and strap to this extremely fashionable detail of the wardrobe. Some models have side pockets and material inserts in the neck area.


Blumarine Dresses



The designer paid a special attention to the cut of the sleeves. This detail of the dress has undergone the greatest modifications in the presented Lookbook. These are with flounces, have casual fit, three-quarters, and a narrow classic version.



In this outfit, pants are presented in two models – shortened narrow and wide elongated. These two contrasts must definitively have a place in the wardrobe of a real fashionista.

Blumarine Pants

Jackets and coats

These are drape models with dolman sleeve, crew neck or classic collar. It is noted also a pink model with voluminous collar and waistband.



The fashion designer did not neglect also the details of the look. Blumarine bags are created in the shade with clothes while shoes are pumps with sharp metallic toe.

Blumarine Accessories