MIU MIU Resort collection Spring-Summer 2016

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MIU MIU 2016

The designer of the fashion house MIU MIU Miuccia Prada is well-known for her ambiguous attitude to the fashion of the 60’s and 70’. Each collection of this master is full of shades of the past, which perfectly fits into the modern everyday life.


The demonstration of the Resort collection, which incidentally took place just a week before the start of Fashion Week in Paris, was received by the audience warm and welcoming. All fashion experts who have gathered in one of the world capitals of fashion industry closely watched every model from the catwalk, evaluated the decor delights and fineness of the cut. We advice you to do the same.

In the spring-summer 2016 season, the Miu Miu brand offers the fair sex to put on daring mini, closed pantsuits and psychedelic patterns of bright colors.

MIU MIU summer

The decor in the collection is not the last step and represents delicate embroidery and a variety of applications of stones and crystals.

We have already said that the author has paid much attention to the fashion of the 70’s, so you know the show could not go without turtle necks and episcopal sleeves made​​, by the way, of a fabric lighter than the blouse or dress itself.


The combination of the knit top with a chiffon or silk outfit is one more line in the collection to which it was impossible not to pay attention.


In the end we want to talk about shoes, which in the view of Miuccia Prada has become a very bright complement of the outfit. These are sandals with long straps (knee-high), shoes with a sharp toe and strap, and ankle boots with long bootleg and laces.


Generally speaking, if you are a self confident young lady, then you will definitively like the presented collection. This is a combination of impudence and taste, brightness and vivacity along with severity and cold temper. The diversity of prints, even if in only one outfit is what must be present in the wardrobe of a real fashionista this spring.