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Marc Jacobs

Resort collection 2016

Summer is the time when we can boldly show our personality as no other outwears hides the beauties of a well chosen outfit.

The duet Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley recently started to cooperate with Marc By Marc Jacobs fashion house, and already managed to impress the audience and receive praises from fashion critics.

Today we offer you a review of the second collection, created by the designer especially for this brand.


All of us need inspiration to create something beautiful. Someone is dreaming this genius idea, someone gets inspiration from a trip, a book or a film, just like these 2 designers. The movie “Another Earth” impresses the two ladies so much that they decided to adopt the cosmic lady idea and personalize it in their new collection.


On the one hand, these are airy and light styles of dresses and skirts in retro style. From another, a boyish maximalism, noted in accessories.

Pants are presented as slightly shorter models of male cut. Traditional Bermuda was sutured and now these are shorts narrowed in the thigh area. Which, by the way, are not too short and can be perfectly worn in an office environment.

It could not go without flowers which this season seems they got a new lease of life. Basically almost every designer considered appropriate to show the audience soft floral print dresses.

Looking at this show we can not mention models of plisse skirts, which look really feminine.

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs


Braces and straps, which decorated the trousers, are reminding us about the main idea of the film, where strong-willed and determined women are returned to their rightful place – home. They were reminding that the main duty of the beautiful half is to take care of the family while a man must defend and conquer the universe.

Despite the sophistication of dresses, it is recommended to combine them with models of shoes in men and sport style. However, the bags repeat the print of the dress, which, by the way, is also a trend in this season.

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