2014-2015 Trend: what to wear with sneakers?

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2015 Trend

During the day, each of us at least for a few seconds is dreaming at a moment when finally we can take off the heels and feel the freedom and the ground under our feet.

And what do we mean by comfortable shoes? Of course, first of all we think about sneakers, and only later about flats, sandals and other variations of fashion shoes on a flat sole. But how about the style? Athletic shoes are difficult to imagine in a tandem with a pencil skirt or an elegant dress.

What to wear

First who combined sneakers with everyday looks was fashionistas from big cities, which apparently were tortured to move all day in high heels. And now, even a brand like Burberry Prorsum in his spring-summer 2016 collection decided to combine the dress with a sporty bottom.


It’s nice when designers listen to the wishes of the people and try in every way to please their audience. So today, fashionable shoes can be found not only in sports stores, but also on displays of world’s famous brand shops. But the question of their compatibility with other elements of the wardrobe is still open.


So today we will try giving you a reply to the question: “What to wear with sneakers”.

Sneakers and the classic style

Sports and classic style for a long time are not something incompatible. Yes, it’s still two very different trends, but in well-chosen proportions they have the right to exist.


Sneakers will add a modern note to a reserved shirt, coat, jacket and masculine fit trousers.

Sneakers and outwear

Of course the most simple and obvious combination of sport footwear with outwear will be sneakers and bomber jacket, which promises to be on the peak of popularity in 2016.


Most daring representatives are advised to risk and wear sneakers with a T-silhouette coat or a poncho

Sneakers and jeans

The combinability of this footwear with jeans did not raise any question. We just want to add that jeans can be both skinny, as well as trendy boyfriend jeans or you can choose high waist jeans and you definitively can not go wrong.


Sneakers and accessories

In such a versatile look, the bag plays a significant role as well. It should be a link and combine the top and bottom, and not look like a clear border of styles. Bulk bags such as tote, or one with a long strap are the best solution.


Do not be afraid to combine different styles as mainly this method will help you show your own individuality.
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