How to wear beige color

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Every new season, we will definitively talk about fashion colors of that season. But today we will tell you how to correctly combine colors because often, even if the most beautiful shades are wrongly combined with each other, the result in the best case is a tasteless look. So how to correctly combine the colors to get a stylish and flawless look? Find out right now.

Today, the center of our attention is beige color. This is very universal and fits perfectly both young and older ladies.

Beige clothes

How blondes should wear the beige color

One advantage of the beige color is that blondes will look fabulous and brunettes will become more attractive and lovely when they will use it. Light haired ladies can opt for dark shades of beige: milk-coffee, cream, caramel, dark peach, brown. If you are a spring type woman (hazel and green eyes, light gold or red hair, light skin), then you can opt for warm shades of beige: beige-pink, beige-orange. Summer type women (blue and gray eyes, light, gray or blonde without yellowness hair, pale pink skin) should pay attention to cold shades of beige. And preferably, they must opt for intense shades. Otherwise, pale and unhealthy appearance of skin is guaranteed.

How blondes wear beige

Beige color worn by blondes

Cute beige clothes

How brunettes should wear the beige color

As regards brunettes, beige is a vital asset in their wardrobe. They will thus be able to attract more attention and emphasize their expressive face and hair using beige clothes. Autumn type woman (bright blue, deep green or brown eyes, dark brown hair with shades of copper, bronze skin with shades of gold) will look great in shades of beige brown, orange, peach and green (there are such colors, too!). They also fit perfectly pale and bright shades, as well as hot and cold shades. Instead winter type women (gray, cool blue eyes, ideal white or intense black hair, and light skin) can not afford such a broad spectrum of colors. Since the appearance of such woman is already very attractive and spectacular, shades of pale beige can ruin everything: either to hide the natural intensity of the image or make the image too brutal. Therefore, we recommend them to draw attention to shades of beige of any tone (white beige, beige-green, beige-peach, beige-lilac, beige-yellow, beige-brown etc.)

How brunettes wear the beige color

color combination brunettes

Most stylists have called beige a second black color. It received this title because its absolute universality. Beige can be successfully used both in office style as well as in casual-festive. A beige office blouse can perfectly replace a normal white blouse and a beige skirt will ideally complement an ensemble made up of contrasting top and will visually lengthen legs, a not less important thing. Do we have also to mention the adored must-have for all fashionistas in recent years, namely beige shoes with high heels?

beige shoes beige handbag

How to match beige color

Yet, a completely beige look can not always be suitable for certain situations and circumstances. Moreover, it is allowed only to brunettes with a really fabulous look and makeup. Others just have to combine beige with other colors and make it right. First, here’s a small informative note. All colors are classified into four types: basic (black, gray, white), neutral (ivory, beige, cream), cold (blue, green, purple) and warm colors (red, yellow, orange). There are three simple rules and knowing them properly you can easily combine your outfit. The second rule: If your look is made up of two colors, then combine the cool color with a warm one. For example, the cool shade of green cypress must be combined with warm and soft shade of yellow or deep blue with a warm and pleasant shade of peach. And the third rule: if your look includes 3 colors, then they should be either three neutral colors or three basic colors, or 2 bright colors plus a base color, or vice versa – two basic colors plus one bright color.

Elegant outfit

How to combine beige color

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Beige becomes ultramodern each new decade, creating a boom among worldwide designers and fashionistas. This boom is ideal for office, as well as for everyday. However, we must be especially careful with this color and in any case not wear tight-fitting beige trousers because they can create the feeling of bare legs. Therefore, very tight fitting clothes of that color, and if they coincide with the skin tone of its owner, will be totally inappropriate to go to the office or to serious business conversations. And another important aspect which will consider is that beige makes the face look pale. Therefore, if you choose a stylish look in shades of beige, you have to also create a makeup focusing on cheekbones and eyes expressiveness.

how to wear fashion beige color

Stylish outfits designs

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And at the end of this article, we’ll give another important advice to all admirers of the beige color. Do not forget about accessories. This is one of the few colors that do not support the absence of accessories. Moreover, on beige background particularly nice look articles in contrasting shades: either red beads or a blue necklace. If you prefer accessories made of precious metals, then white metals are not the right choice to combine them with a beige look. Instead gold of any color (except white gold), will fit perfectly and make this fascinating look be more luxurious and more expensive.

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