Spring-Summer 2018 Color Trends

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Spring and summer is the season of bright and intense shades, of the juicy green and azure sky, which we admire not only on landscapes but also in the trends on the catwalks. Fashionable colors in spring-summer 2018 season impress us with abundance of succulent vivid shades, light colors that go well with lightweight fabrics of summer dresses, skirts and tunics. Also, designers have not forgotten the intense and noble colors that are ideal for evening sets and attires.

Fashion colors 2018

Faded blue: navy blue, denim, blue metal

This neutral, dark and very expressive blue color can be called the new black. It fits any skin tone and clothing for any occasion, especially for casual outfits.

Wear blue color in spring summer 2018

Denim blue color


Brilliant yellow: canary yellow and lemon yellow

Many girls eagerly await the arrival of summer, to finally have the opportunity to wear dresses in bright shades of yellow. This is a complicated color, which is not recommended to be worn by women who have extra pounds and fits more to those with tanned skin. However, if you find the right designs and the yellow color is the one that suits you, then this summer you will literally shine.

canary yellow

fashion yellow color spring summer 2018

Sky blue, cobalt blue, celestial blue and electric blue

This is another favorite shade of spring-summer season, which continues to conquer more and more fashion catwalks. Bright and intense shades of blue are suitable for evening and cocktail dresses, which do not need any decoration or accessory.

fashion shades 2018


Deep red: vivid red, red tangerine

This color impress due to its high temperature. It would seem that you can burn only looking at clothes in shades of red-orange. It is a very bright summer color, suits for casual, cocktail dresses, blouses and tunics.

Fashion color dresses 2018


Scarlet red: tomato red, red aniline, bright red

Bold, hot and unique red color is a challenge for our eyes. This will only be worn by confident women who can afford to be in the spotlight.

Clothes in fashion colors 2018


Juicy orange: shades of melon, carrot, terracotta

Unlike red-orange described above, where the first is the main color, orange is the main color in this case, a hot and intense one. Not coincidentally it is associated with carrot or pumpkin shade, and even the first impression leaves a pleasant taste for all others.

What colors to wear in 2018


Light pink: shade of peach and salmon

Marine corals and slightly salty salmon are other “tasty” shades perfect for summer and practically never seen in winter fashion collections. Unlike the dark shades of orange, which suit more those with dark skin and tanned women, coral can be worn also by fashionistas with lighter skin tone.

Fashion light pink 2018


Turquoise: cyan, aquamarine, topaz

Just looking at this color we associate it with the ocean somewhere in the Maldives, Mauritius and the Caribbean Islands. Light turquoise is ideal on tulle fabrics and shiny fabrics for the evening dresses.

Turquoise color spring summer 2018

What is the color of the year 2018


Cold and warm pink

Pink color is not necessarily a flashy Barbie style color; it can also be neutral, quiet, almost unnoticed. This shade of pale pink is ideal for dresses and blouses of ladies who do not want their look to be associated with glamour and child.

pale pink

Intense pink: fuchsia, Hollywood, magenta

These range from the color of cold and hot steel, from the shade of the chewing gum to the beauty neon shade of fuchsia and magenta. Even intense and bright pink must be present in the wardrobe of every lady, who has that delicate age and who choose a set or a dress for a respectable look.


Fresh green: green grass, green of fresh leaves

Like the intense and bright blue, the fresh green of summer it is one of the most important color in spring and summer season. Cold and noble shades of emerald and malachite fit especially older ladies and evening outfits, gradually succumb positions of lit and fresh shades.

greenery color spring summer 2018

Color of the year 2018

Khaki green: olive green and avocado green

Khaki colors are becoming more vivid and deeper. They fit military and safari style, which we can see on shirt-dresses.

What colors to wear in spring 2018

khaki color clothes

Metallic silver

The metallic silver pass from winter in the summer, presenting new variations like gold liquid, holographic effect, shimmer glitter and iridescent lurex.

Metallic silver 2018

Metallic gold

If we talk about silver, we really need to talk about gold, which is the most appropriate shade for summer. The gold from fashionable outfits 2018 is present both in cold metallic hues and hot like those in the shiny satin and silk.

Fashion metallic gold

Milk coffee

We associate warm beige and delicate cream with coffee and milk. These pastel shades of beige harmonize beautifully with elegant minimalist style. This neutral and noble shade looks ideal on lighter and denser fabrics.

pastel colors spring summer 2018


Bright purple and intense lilac

Usually, shades of purple are complicated because can highlight some imperfections, especially the skin imperfections. In the new season, designers propose us to wear clothes in shades of bright and fresh lilac or faded purple, noble lilac, as an alternative to shades of pink.


What colors to wear in summer 2018

Beige yellow: shade of banana and vanilla

And here we remember again the “tasty” colors as it is impossible not to associate them with food or drinks. Lemonade and champagne, sweet corn, vanilla and banana, are warm shades as an option of yellow and beige.

Light colors 2018


Dark red: ruby, pomegranate, marsala, claret

In each new season, designers bring to the stage a new shade of red-brown, which looks particularly nice with velvet and satin. This season is no exception.



Deep gray: shades of lead, coal, wet asphalt

Light shades of gray are now replaced by deeper one. The shades of dark gray look very nice in business suits, evening dresses and knitted sweaters becoming an alternative to warm and universal beige and sometimes to the sober black.

Gray clothes


The shades of fashion colors for the 2018 spring-summer season are varied and interesting. Depending on your preference, each of us will be able to create an outfit in shades of our favorite colors taking into account the particularities of each color separately. Summer is near, do not be afraid to experiment!

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