Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Color Trends

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The Pantone Institute’s 2020-20 fall shades are impressive. Here, there are intense red shades, as well as lighter shades that are not typical for the cold season. Fashion designers who have used the shown palette will definitely make a good impression, whether we are talking about the warm and spicy Chili Pepper in the Fashion Week report in New York, whether it’s Galaxy Blue, which is common to Europe and America.

Colors 2021

Main shades fall winter 2020-2021

Let’s take a closer look at what fashionable colors are characteristic of clothes, accessories, make-up and design in the fall and winter 2020-2021.

Pantone color trends fall 2020 winter 2021

Chili Pepper

The dark red “Chili pepper”, like the spice with the same name, will add to your image that “spicy” note and will make it look spectacular and interesting.

Chili Pepper Color Fashion outfits 2021

Biking Red

This is an unexpected shade of the intense claret, which combines the warmth and richness of color. This is the characteristic feature of autumn and winter 2020-2021, which can be used both as a basis in the look as well as a separate accent (not just as a detail of the clothing, but also as an accessory or manicure). A coat, blouse, skirt or dress in such a shade will fit perfectly into your daily wardrobe.

Biking Red Color What are the color trends in fall 2020

Crème de Pêche

A delicate and fine peach shade, which from the fall season will easily pass into the winter wardrobe and become its icing on the cake. Besides the delicacy it gives, the color is versatile enough in its compatibility with other trends in the autumn-winter season 2020-2021 and will be an excellent addition to the light spectrum.

Crème de Pêche Color Fashion pastel shades 2021

Peach Pink

This is another shade of warm peach with an orange undertone that literally shines through the freshness it emanates!

Peach Pink Color 10

Rocky Road

Of course, this dark brown shade looks very intense and solid, but if you want, you can also see the “goodness” of black chocolate.

Rocky Road Color Fashion colors 2021

Fruit Dove

It is impossible not to draw attention to this pink hue. No matter how and where you dare to wear a coat in such a color, the image will in any case look self-sufficient.

Fruit Dove Color What are the color trends for winter 2021

Sugar Almond

The “sweetened” shade of brown almond looks very appetizing due to the caramel undertone.

Sugar Almond Color 16

Dark Cheddar

Substantial presence makes this shade richer. Contrary to name, it is not at all dark: it is a playful, warm and elegant tandem of orange and yellow.

Dark Cheddar Color Color 2021 clothes

Galaxy Blue

A very expressive, bright and original version of blue. It embodies the infinite blue of cosmic expansions, which everyone perceives in its own way. Previously, you could just look into space and think about this shade, but now you can put on yourself even the blue “galaxy”.

Galaxy Blue Color Blue dresses


The hue of comfort and determination, a gentle version of blue, which is at the border of cold and neutral blades.

Bluestone Color Winter 2021 fashion colors

Orange Tiger

Orange Tiger is like a radiant summer sunshine in the palette of winter colors. It is fearless, energetic and able to disperse autumn sadness and melancholy.

Orange Tiger Color Warm colors fall winter 2020 2021


Of all the shades of the green forest presented, this is the most attractive. This is the ideal way to get a bit of natural wealth in the winter-2019/2020 wardrobe, so Pantone’s “Eden” undoubtedly deserves to be on the list of fashionable colors.

Eden Color Fashion green shades 2021

Classic colors fall winter 2020-2021

According to the recently established tradition, Pantone experts offered not only a palette of seasonal color trends, but also a minimal base palette of neutral colors. In the autumn-winter season 2020-2021 it includes 4 colors. They are quite powerful and self-sufficient so you can safely use them in monolooks. But as the basis for creating the contrast of color, the main shades work very well.

Classic shades fall winter 2020 2021

Vanilla Custard

A delicate white shade with creamy and delicious vanilla subtle, Custard looks soft, calm and discreet.

Vanilla Custard Color Elegant outfits in classic shades

Evening Blue

The dark blue Evening Blue is darker than Galaxy Blue. He evokes thoughts about the night sky and symbolizes calm and self-confidence.

Evening Blue Color Dark blue outfits winter 2021


A simple, untouched shade of gray that looks very elegant. Do not forget that gray is the perfect background for any other color.

Paloma Color 33


Somewhat unexpectedly, the green “Guacamole” has entered the first four classic shades of the autumn-winter palette. And, we have to say that this color does not cool worse than the taste of avocado, lime and green, and vitamins and nutrients in winter will only bring benefits!

Guacamole Color 35

Color combinations table

To help you choose the combination in the Pantone color list, we’ve prepared all of these pallets for you with the most harmonious combinations for each shade. Surely there are many other combinations and you can guide not only these examples.

Matching colors

Color combinations 2021