Fall-Winter 2018-2018 Color Trends

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How else can be modern fashionistas impressed if we have an enormous variety of original ideas and unusual combinations around? Designers always have the answer to this question coming up with a multitude of options on how to find your own style. Orienting ourselves on the latest trends on the podiums, our attention is captured by the colors trends for fall-winter 2018-2018, much of which we will have to include in our wardrobe this year. Judging by the experience of the past seasons, we can say that the fashion industry is increasingly opting for naturalness, borrowing the range of colors from the nature that surrounds us. Next, we suggest discussing how to make an unrepeatable cocktail of sweet grenadine and golden lime.

2018 Color trends

Deep Blue

The shade of the tumultuous waves of the sea is most often found in 2018-2018 fall-winter collections. Quiet, but at the same time bright and intense, this shade can serve as a wonderful base for creating an unrepeatable outfit. It is remarkable that, as interpreted by designers, it is usually used as an independent color. In collections it is found in combination with gold, red purple, coral, claret and plum.

wear blue in Fall-Winter 2018 2019




What colors to wear in 2019




Pale Pink

We have already met with exuberant pink shades in collections of previous seasons, however, autumn requires some more neutral and more blurred shades. The pale pink palette is associated with the powdery or vaporous texture of tutu skirts, but this does not mean that the pale pink shade necessarily requires silky textures. Designers use this color for thick coats and knitted cardigans, as well as satin dresses, and the softness of the fabric is balanced with thick leather straps, rock boots and dense black tights.

Fashion pale pink color fall winter 2018 2019


Fashion colors 2019


Grenadine and other shades of red

The intense red is an impeccable color, present at any time of the year. And in the coming season, the palette of pink nuances does not yield through the diversity of all the previous ones. However, the icing on the cake of the autumn-winter 2018-2018 fashion shows became the grenadine shade, an unusual shade, close to purple and orange, and the range of cool colors. It has been named because it is largely associated with the red color sweet syrup, which has a similar name.

Fall 2018 color trends

Fashionable red shades fall winter 2018 2019

The red color also appears in darker shades, especially in outer clothing: succulent cherry, pomegranate, etc. At the moment, this is the most current, in any shape and place, either on the lips or as the basic color of the whole outfit.

Winter 2019 Color Trends





Red coat

Neutral Grey

If we are talking about the autumn palette, then this color is the most common in nature during this rainy period of the year. The quiet shade of gray looks wonderful in any interpretation, regardless of the chosen style. Universality is the basic quality, which is particularly appreciated by those who have to adhere to the dress-code rules.

Fashion grey color fall winter 2018 2019



Colors of the year 2019 in clothes

For the image to be better, the designers have chosen a combination that will never fail that of the silver metallic gloss. This may be a ham or a bustier, dressed over a cotton turtleneck or overalls, which must necessarily have a matte texture and a discreet accessory.

Fashionable metallic gray color 2019



Colors of Fall

Warm shades of ocher are a must of the fall season. All this diversity can bring thousands of ideas: these warm nuances are in harmony not only with other colors but also between them.

Beige-yellow and mustard shades are met not the first time, however, this time they are given a greater attention. Different intensity games, combining different textures and prints are tricks that allow you to create unusual combinations based on a single color range. In addition, these colors can serve as the basis for a monochrome look.

What are the Fall 2018 color trends



Fashion color clothes 2018 2019

The first place in the top of the most fashionable colors in the fall range of 2018 is occupied by the shade “autumnal maple”. It is described as red-orange, close to the red clay. Designers have put their imagination in motion and combined it with both basic shades (beige, black, white) and the pink hue and golden lime, very actual this season.



Winter clothes colors 2019


Variations on green color theme

The shade mentioned above, namely “golden lime”, already conquers the fashion podiums, so you have to hurry in order to create the ideal set. The succulent shade of lime with golden blues will embellish any texture, but the combination with the atlas gloss is the most successful option.

Golden lime coats


The total dominance of green shades in autumn-winter fashion collections in 2018-2018 makes us draw attention to other contemporary colors, more characteristic of the military style: khaki, dirty green, olive and other cooler shades.



Color of the year 2018 2019 dresses

Wine color

In the search of a recipe for the most elegant and unusual shade of the autumn-winter season, I have to mix claret and dark purple, which will give birth to this light color of the wine. This color does not require any additional detail, although some red, beige or metallic accents are also accepted.

Fashion wine color fall-winter 2018 2019


What are the Winter 2019 Color trends

This is the prediction of the colors that will be present in the autumn-winter season 2018-2018. Warm, but at the same time intense, these shades will give the color to the fall-winter wardrobe.

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