Footwear Trends Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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Fashion houses feature a wide variety of models, from classical stiletto to cowboy boots and leather lacquered boots. We get down from the stiletto heels on stable heels, and then we climb back on incredibly high-style platforms in the 1980’s. Cut out the heel of the shoes, making a choice in favor of sling back and velvet mule patterns, then use the invisibility effect, wearing fully transparent sandals.

Footwear 2020 women

Velvet and Atlas

A long time ago, we swore faith to noble fabrics, preferring Marie Antoinette style velvet dresses and satin combinations in the style of the 1990’s. The conclusion is obvious: we invest in velvet boots and satin sandals. The saturation of the color palette has a value of: light blue, punch lime, ultraviolet and bright red – these are the favorites of the season. And, of course, prints: polka-dot of various shapes, geometry and floral ornaments, which certainly could not be missed.

Velvet boots fall winter 2019 2020

Best shoes 2020

Brand ladies footwear 2020

Cowboy style Boots

We walk in cowboy boots, which in the cold season is one of the main trends. The wide bootleg, usually up to the middle of the calf, asymmetrical trapeze heel, elongated tip and many rivets represent the basic features of fashion footwear this fall. Classic leather – solid, even with leather-backed inserts or metal details. You should also pay attention to the snake print and python texture in the unexpected color solutions.

Women footwear fall 2019 winter 2020 cowboy style

Cute cowboy boots

Boots with thick heels

Patent leather

Designers encourage passion for glossy textures, urging us to use them the most. Therefore, patent leather boots should not miss your wardrobe. At first glance, such models may seem too extravagant, yet color schemes and their saturation are important. We will have to choose dark shades: classic black, bitter chocolate, claret, dark blue and green.

High leather boots winter 2020

Stylish footwear for women with thick heel

Pretious metals

Eclectic disco echoes can be present virtually every year. It looks like it’s time for you to have at least one bright pair. In the trend – noble gold and metallic silver. Surfaces such as the mirror are complemented by metal fittings in a shade, chains and crystals.

Silver footwear winter fall 2019 2020

Festive footwear for women

Gold over the knee boots

Festive silver shoes

Metalic decorative elements

Metal fittings with mirror-like textures and cool glow make a mutual movement, increasing in size and quantity. Massive chains, tough buckles, numerous rivets and belts literally covered classical pumps, stylish sandals and flats.

Fall winter footwear 2019 2020 metalic decorative elements


Black heeless footwear for women

Feathers and fur

The boundaries between the seasons are wiped out more and more, that is why the fur, which we have always considered a functional element of the winter footwear, passed without any problems to the summer footwear. We find it everywhere: it comes from under the sole, on the wrists or even the heel. Feathers are another current element, present on sandals in the area of the straps.

Feathered footwear fall winter 2019 2020

In style footwear 2020

What footwear to wear in fall 2019


From the age of legendary Marilyn Monroe, mules shoes became an integral part of our cabinet and if not, then it’s time to do it. This design has a fully cut heel, and the height of the heel, the material, the shape of the toe obviously does not matter, but only the color must be really intense.

Mules fall winter 2019 2020

Footwear mules with unusual heels


Unusual heel

In the fall-winter season, designers teach us geometry lessons, and our task is to learn them as quickly as possible to be in step with new trends. And here it is one of them – a non-standard and sometimes unexpected heel: cylinders, trapezes and even balls in different combinations. We are not afraid of such experiments: an unusual shape will not make you sacrifice comfort. The heel is still stable and does not increase in height.

Fashion footwear with unusual heel 2020


Footwear in fashion colors 2020

Pointed toes

Stiletto shoes could not miss any season, and fall-winter 2019-2019 is no exception. Sharp-tipped shoes have a corrective effect, stretching the body shape in a vertical direction and making the legs infinitely long. From classic designs, we go to D’ors shoes, which are remarkable through an open leg arcade, to the slingback elegance with which we will complete the base cabinet. And do not forget: the higher the heel, the better!

Footwear with pointed toe 2019 2020 fall winter

High heeled shoes 2020



Massive platforms

From heaven to earth and vice versa: the height of the comfortable heel will still be sacrificed in favor of the massive platforms. In the center of attention is the leather of different textures: smooth, perforated, lacquered or imitation of reptile. And most important – the abundance of metallic elements, belts, buckles and rivets. We wore them with shorts, pleated skirts – midi and even with light chiffon dresses, creating a grunge image.

Fall winter footwear 2019 2020 massive platforms

Footwear with high heels and platforms

Snake skin leather

The advantages of print and snake textures in the new season are obvious: the python now covers all sorts of shoes: from cowboy boots to stylish stiletto, which we prefer to see monochromatic. Color diversity eliminates all restrictions, you can wear any color, it is important that it is very intense.

Women footwear fall winter 2020 reptile skin leather

Fashion female shoes 2020


Silicone inserts

With every season, shoes disappear more and more from our feet and we can only opt for invisible shoes! Sandals with transparent elements are accompanied by boots and even patent leather boots. A clear advantage of such a shoe is versatility: Transparent inserts are neutral, so they will fit a look in any color range.

Fashion transparent footwear 2020


What footwear to wear in 2020

Textile boots

Plaid print is the king of the ball in the autumn-winter season, so this detail can be seen virtually everywhere. Shoes are no exception and, if we’re used to satin and velvet shoes, then the textile boots are a real breakthrough. An abstract floral ornament, logos, animal print. Do not miss the monochrome patterns, especially in the shades of neon.

Textile footwear fall winter 2019 2020

Knee high boots with fashion print


Thin straps

Let’s get back to the conversation about “invisible” shoes, and now focus on laconic sandals with thin straps – minimalism and just that! Manicure is vital because it is the first thing to attract attention. They can be worn with torn boyfriends and a loved jersey if you go to a promenade, at a dinner evening pencil dress or trouser suit is what you lack to create a really chic look.

Footwear with straps fall winter 2019 2020



The bright and extravagant flower decoration that decorates the front of the shoes is another novelty of the cold season that designers have not overlooked. And not in vain, because such elements give a charm to even the simplest shoe designs. We do not overlook the combination of huge flowers, an animal print and a decorative detail as feathers.

Evening flowered shoes 2020



Thick heel

With or without a platform, regardless of height, it grows in width. This season, the heel moved into the heavyweight category and gained a new shape. A safe option is the sturdy, comfortable block heels that you can go all day without your feet feeling any discomfort. And to introduce something new, we return to the non-standard shape – cylinder, trapeze and full asymmetry.

Footwear with thick heel fall 2019 winter 2020

Women footwear 2020 with high comfortable heel


An entirely new vision of common models inspires change. We climb on dizzying platforms and go conquer the world.

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