Best Jeans for Women Fall-Winter 2020-2021

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If we analyze the collections of designer from the 2020-2021 fall-winter season, it becomes clear that the denim is not so current. And this time there are far fewer new products than in previous seasons.

Some fashion houses have included jeans in their collections. And although there are not so many patterns, we can still highlight the main trends.

Let’s see what jeans will be fashionable in fall and winter 2020-2021 and what designers offer us to wear. We will discuss the colors, prints and styles of fashion patterns. Let’s talk about the up and down trends of the autumn-winter season.

Women jeans 2021

Ripped jeans 2020-2021

Ripped jeans remain the most preferred models, only this time, unlike previous years, the “holes” have become of a more moderate size, more modest and often subject to a certain symmetry, which cannot be said about past seasons.

Fall 2020 jeans trends

Ripped jeans fall winter 2020 2021


white thorn

ripped low waist

Glitter, rhinestones and appliqués

Some designers have decorated their denim collections with glitter, rhinestones, metallic applications and other details. But such products are more likely an exception than a rule, so they can hardly be called a trend in the fall-winter 2020-2021 season. Philipp Plein, David Koma, Balmain and Moschino have fashionable jeans with colorful décor.

Best jeans 2021

Jeans with patches fall 2020 winter 2021

slim fit with appliqués

What jeans to wear in 2021

Shortened jeans

In the designer collections of the fall-winter season 2020-2021, you can find short jeans with ankle length. Among the favorites are the patterns with the straight cut and culottes. These are mostly simple items, which are sometimes completed with a thin strap, inserted pockets or suspended straps.

Women short jeans 2020 2021 fall winter

banana high waist still in style


Flared jeans

Flared jeans are slowly returning to fashion. In the cold season, there are current patterns flared from the hip or from the knee without any unnecessary decorative elements. In many options, accessories are completely missing. Some options have a small fringe decoration.

Women flared jeans fall winter 2020 2021

What jeans to wear in fall 2020

Dark blue jeans 2021



The practicality cannot be boring, which is why some designers have included traditional jeans in their collections. Models with a wide waist and low waist are perfect for cold weather rides.

Stylish options can be found in the GCDS and Louis Vuitton collections. And the Loewe fashion house presented two trends simultaneously, combining boyfriend jeans with oversize style.

Boyfriend jeans fall winter 2020 2021



Banana jeans

The real hit of the fall-winter season 2020-2021 has become the banana pattern. Their main characteristic is the wide hips, with the narrow bottom. The bottom can be caught in boots.

As for the color range, everything is quite modest. We are talking about gray jeans, jeans in the shade of wet sand and classic blue jeans.

There is no decoration in these options, but such jeans can be complemented with straps with expressive buckles in the same style as the main ensemble. Banana jeans were introduced by Isabel Marant, Balmain and Alberta Ferretti.

Ladies jeans 2020 2021 banana fit



Medium waist jeans winter 2021



The color range of fashion jeans is not as diverse as in previous years. These are mainly simple white, gray, blue and indigo designs. In some collections, you can see the classic patterns of prewashed denim.

Jeans fall winter 2020 2021 colors

white straight


gray wide leg



New jeans style 2021

conical women

Pop-art style

True to their handwriting, Moschino and MSGM offered original and vibrant pop art style jeans with distinctive advertising slogans, colorful motifs, newspaper clippings and other vibrant images that decorate the items on the catwalk.

Womens jeans fall 2020 winter 2021 pop art style


Brand 2021 womens jeans

Combined fabrics

In the new season is the popular technique of combining fabrics. But unlike previous years, when fabrics that apparently couldn’t be combined (materials of different textures, etc.) were combined, this time the designers were limited to a combination of denim in different colors. The options can be seen at Prabal Gurung and MSGM.

Fashion two colors jeans 2021



Denim total look

There is no complete season without a total denim look. This year, designers are offering denim sets from pants and vests in the same color and style, combined with a jacket or even denim trench coats. Their main characteristic is the unique style, a single color or the maximum approximation of the color tones. Below are patterns from the Chloé, Alexa Chung and Balmain collections.

Fashion denim 2020 2021

What jeans to wear in winter 2021



As you can see, the fashion jeans in the fall-winter 2020-2021 season do not differ by a special variety, and the maximum retention and conciseness stand out. But there are advantages in this regard – jeans can be combined even with other outfits, without fear of overloading the image with unnecessary details.