Fall-Winter 2019-2019 Main Fashion Trends

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The new season sets the rhythm: the trend hunt begins now! This autumn shows our attention to accessories, and a pair of large earrings, narrow glasses such as Trinity’s of the famous “The Matrix” movie and a silk scarf obviously does not have to miss. Clothes patterns are getting bigger and more comfortable. A total oversize will be seen in the lightly bold dresses, maxi and overalls that designers combine with classical stiletto shoes and sandals. And do not forget the texture! Nobile velvet, shiny satin, metal and leather – here’s what will fill your wardrobe in the fall-winter season 2019-2019. So let’s look at the main fashion trends and let’s go shopping.

Fashion trends 2020

Silky texture

Designers have praised the velvet in numerous occasions. In fact, this material does not need much introduction time and fancy opinions, especially if it’s an evening dress or cocktail. Now we use it everywhere, especially in accessories and shoes. If we wear classic velvet stiletto shoes not just a season, then the starry footwear of textile boots will come this fall. Prepare yourself well, arm with a laconic pattern in the most unexpected colors: from blue sky to pink candy. The only thing that needs to be carefully considered is the weather forecast.

Latest trends fall 2019 winter 2020

Fashion trends 2020 velvet

Fashion velvet footwear


Changing from one season to another, the plaid print does not lose credibility, but consolidates its position in top fashion trends. Thinking about buying a new fancy dress, be prepared for the fact that this trend is literally top, so you have to make some effort to create an ideal combination. Well, put our imagination in motion!

  • We are not afraid of bright spots: we combine gray plaid with attractive accessories (up to neon shades: green, pink, orange).
  • We choose dense fabrics – these not only help to conceal the imperfections of the body, it represent the plaid print in a profitable perspective.
  • We combine different styles. We come back to the classic suit with straight pants and an oversized jacket, add ugly sneakers – the most massive “ugly” shoes that have literally suffocated podiums this year.

Fall 2019 fashion trends

Fashion plaid 2020


Women fashion coats


Leather is the permanent favorite of fashion houses. And not in vain, because on the basis of a leather clothing item, whether it’s shorts, skirt or fashionable coat, we can create a lot of stylish looks.

In the color scheme of the season, we see a total dominance of the black, although other dark colors do not want to quit. Focus on textures combinations: dense leather with translucent chiffon, silk, mesh or guipure. Remember that anything made of leather is self-sufficient, and competitors obviously do not need it. Therefore, we opt for a laconic style with minimal details. The leather skirt will be blended harmoniously with a monochromatic top, and thin pants can be always combined with a light white chiffon blouse.

Fall winter 2019 2020 fashion trends: leather


Black leather skirts


Now, an elegant outfit is a whole, and literally. What once was considered as a work uniform now is one of the main trends of the season. And this are overalls. Choose one that you like more: with three-dimensional or many pockets, with or without strap – the real patterns resemble in some way the racing uniform. Just that instead of the helmet we will wear an elegant hat and we will replace the shoes with stiletto sandals.

What clothwear to wear in 2020

Stylish women overalls


Leopard print

From the wild jungle directly in your wardrobe: The leopard print takes up all the free space. You just have to decide where to put the emphasis. Designers suggest creating a monochrome leopard look, but for everyday life this step is too daring and extravagant, while some accessories will not even affect your business image with classic pants and a white blouse.

Fall winter 2019 2020 fashion trends: leopard print



Leopard print accessories

Oversize dresses

This season, the length of the dress tends towards the “maximum” brand, just like its width. Inspired by night dresses made of silk and natural materials, we make a choice in favor of wide cuts and a minimal amount of detail – this pattern does not need to be completed. We wear the most comfortable flat shoes, a miniature bag and we do not forget that the word that characterizes the season is comfort.

Fashion trends 2019 oversize dresses


Cross body bags

Every year, the size of the handbag becomes smaller and now can not be worn at all in the hand or on the shoulder. Waist bags have not left the street style celebrities’ outfit, though a new trend in the fall and winter of 2019-2019 shows a strong competitor, namely chest bags, which are probably not very practical, but perfect for the strict necessity. These patterns repeat the usual bags, however, on a scale that is a few times smaller. So instead of usual beads and necklaces, the neckline is accentuated by a small sport bag or a clutch-envelope bag.
Fall winter fashion trends 2019 2020 cross body bags


Scarves or Hoods

This winter we will surely have to love headwear this winter. Well, this is a very useful habit, especially during the cold season, and in the new season we are obviously fortunate: the accessories we have not agreed since childhood become elegant and warm at the same time. We go to the nearest specialized store and buy a hood, which is something between caps and scarves. Ideal would be to buy several color variations and depending on the color solution of the image. The hood can be combined with any outerwear, with both a sporty bomber jacket and a heavier coat.

Another option is the silk handkerchief, complemented by a floral or geometric print. It is worn both as an independent element and under a beret (linking the scarf around the neck).

Scarves trends 2020



Transparent trench coats

A transparent trench coat is the perfect solution for the fall. Each year, designers urge us to have as few mysteries as possible: transparent bags, silicone shoes and even glasses. Such a trench solves many problems at once; you can wear an elegant dress or a pant suit. In addition, this is an excellent rain protection. We select patterns with contrasting or textile stitching, a large number of pockets and a hood.

Womens trench coat trends fall 2019 winter 2020



The futuristic motives in clothing, footwear and accessories are essential. Therefore, a silver dress with a glossy surface must necessarily be present in your wardrobe for a noisy party or evening cocktail. Even in the everyday life we do not give up the brilliance, but we only reduce the quantity and launch metallic silver in accessories: classic stilettos, clutch, backpack, bootd (not to mention jewelry!).
Best silver outfits

Fashion 2019 silver color


Fashion silver footwear 2020

Narrow sunglasses

The trend for narrow glasses has been strong in the last season, so if you found a fashionable trophy ever then – then do not let it go! We were wearing the sunglasses under the scarves and gowns in the style of the sixties and the trilby hats. This fall, popularity gains the sharp cat eye, however, the main guide should be the shape of the face.

Fashion narrow sunglasses 2020



Eco Fur

The genuine fur remains easy in the past, and fashion becomes human. At the same time, designers increasingly use ecological fur – a modern material that, from the point of view of both external and functional properties, is no different from the genuine one. Must have of the season is artificial fur in a combination of several contrasting colors. We wear it together with dark jeans, flared pants and monochromatic dresses.

Fashion trends 2019 eco fur



Fashion clothes winter 2020

Huge earrings

Grapes, tree branches, phonographic recordings now move to the ear lobes and almost in full size. The fashion of the huge earrings also reached the autumn-winter season 2019-2019. Such jewels are unlikely to fit into the jewelry box. Verdict – carry them without any constraint! The sixties spoke the word, and we took everything out of it. So, we will get the hair as high as possible (short haircuts are advantageous), so a ponytail is the ideal hairstyle for this season. The image can be complemented with a headband in the style of Brigitte Bardot, in a shade with the outfit.

Fall winter 2019 2020 fashion trends huge earrings



Snakeskin print

This season, reptiles invade our wardrobe with new forces. We opt for textured leather, both matte and varnished. Choose monochromatic styles (for example, a classic dark-pants suit), dilute it with an accent in the shape of a cross body bag with a snake print. There is no preference for natural colors but for purple red, fresh green grass, blue azure shades will certainly find a common language with the inhabitants of the concrete jungle.

Fashion 2019 snakeskin print



Snake print footwear

Fashion hunt begins as soon as possible and in this task we choose the right tactics: we watch street style celebrities, learn to use trends and listen to what the catwalk whispers us!

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