Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020-2021

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The main points of reference for the new season are the grunge style of the 1970’s and the practical Italian minimalism – of course, of an adequate quality. In this season’s punk culture, Prada is looking for inspiration, offering a rather interesting siphon to the friend of the medical monster Frankenstein, and Marni – silhouettes still relaxed, but the dark colors have been actively supported by bright red and orange (the already familiar aesthetic will acquire us meanings). At the same time, Jil Sander and No.21 play once again with the minimalism: such simple outfits are perfect for fall, with all the accompanying weather-ugly components and the desire to experiment with outfits. And in order not to get confused in quite different trends, we identified ten main fashion trends created unanimously by designers.

Milan fashion week fall winter 2020 2021

Capes and ponchos

Due to the huge diversity of classic double breasted coats, overalls and trench coats offered by designers throughout the year, it can create a mistaken impression that here the basic options end. However, there are still successful alternatives: for example, ponchos and capes, a huge palette from which the designers presented them a year ago and present them also now. It is easy to find the preferred option: for example, a basic black model, such as Max Mara’s, in ethnic style, such as Etro’s or a more elegant set of capes and poncho, such as those of Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan fashion trends fall 2020 winter 2021

Punk Style

One of the most iconic cultural fashion codes has a habit of returning regularly, acquiring new meanings every time: it is too comfortable in brutal booties that easily pass any weather tests, huge sweaters and pink biker jackets. The new season is no exception. If your daring and brutal outfits are not to your liking, pay attention to the Donatella Versace collection, combining brutal iridescent silk booties and elegant jewelry.

Milan fashion week fall winter 2020 2021 punk style

Shirt + sweater

Unlike the sexy mini patterns from the 70’s, the trendy and practical trend enters the arena – the basic shirt in combination with a knit sweater. Designers offer us to search the photo archives and review the photos since we were children and going to school. No more mess and sexuality: it’s time to lock all the buttons on the shirt.

Shirt+sweater in fashion Milano fall winter 2020 2021

Polka dots

The polka dot print has entered the list of the most respected basic prints, but in the new season this appears in an unusual interpretation. Not only are the familiar ones we already know, but also hearts like those from Marni, or glittering stones and crystals, like Alberta Ferretti.

Polka dotted dresses Milan 2020 2021 fall winter


If in the last season, the big chains were decorating the bags, now they will immediately replace both the belts and jewelry. We especially like the option to wear it on the arm, as Marni also shows us: such chains perfectly complement the basic minimalist dress, and later the same chain can be wrapped around the neck several times, obtaining an original necklace.


Male style boots

Heavy booties with a raised sole appear so often on the podiums that it seems that they have never been excluded from the list of trends. In the new season, the choice of such bold and brutal black leather options is especially huge: you also have booties with metallic decorations, such as those from Versace, and elongated boots with micro bags, such as those from Prada.

Milan fashion week fall winter 2020 2021 boots


This is the most popular version of the color range for fall and winter, which looks great even in minimalist performances and total monochrome looks. To give you a bit of freedom and to prepare for the fall various options for a complete set, try combining nude shades with rich violet, claret and emerald – for example, adding a clutch, shoes or outerwear in contrasting shades.

Beige color Milano 2020 2021


Lush bows have appeared in summer and spring, and winter and fall will be a wonderful addition to us even for the most boring wardrobe. The most common option is the bow on the collar of a shirt or blouse. However, no one forbids us to decorate with a bow or more an evening dress or a hairstyle, as celebrities regularly do on the red carpet.



This is a global trend, which has migrated from the collections of the previous season, and we are not just talking about midi pleated skirts. We choose a pleated dress from metallic fabric in the evening and on the working days at the office – a classic skirt with a jacket or a set consisting of a shirt and sweater.

Milan fashion week 2020 2021 fall winter pleats

The Matrix Phenomenon

The brutal and even intentionally aggressive leather became an absolute hit last season, and now it has surprised the spring-summer trends and still is not all. This is the reason why designers from different brands offer us the same leather trench coats and belt coats. It is not absolutely necessary to watch once again The Matrix to understand this trend, but it will certainly not be unwanted.