Fashionable Skirts Spring-Summer 2020

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The fashion presentations are over, which means it’s time to think about the spring-summer drawer. One of the most important elements of the women’s chiffonier is the skirt, especially in the hot season. That’s why designers pay so much attention to the fashions created for the new fashion collections.

This year, the designers relied on elegance and simplicity. Many models look incredibly elegant and feminine. But let’s take them one at a time. Let’s see what skirts will be in fashion in spring and summer of 2020. We will find out the current styles, colors and finishes of the new products.

Skirts 2020

Denim Skirts

The denim skirt today looks very original and simple at the same time. Its key features are dark blue denim, the presence of a number of buttons on the front of the product, the traditional A silhouette, the average length.

Sometimes there are examples with a textile belt in the shade of the main fabric. Also, in the fashion presentations were presented several elongated patterns (below the knees), such as, for example, those of Sea and Nanushka:

Summer 2020 skirts trends

Denim skirt with high waist 2020

Classic designs

The business style skirts for this hot moment are represented by the standard pencil designs, as well as by the classically elegant midi, with a light cut. The hottest shades of the season are beige, black, brown, orange. However, in the hot season a particular popularity has pastel shades, which is why the beautiful skirts from light fabrics in pastel colors (vanilla, mint, purple, pale pink) are also in great search.

The products offered in the photo collage look sensual and very romantic, it is better to wear them with shoes as attractive and with heels.

Classic summer 2020 skirts



What skirts to wear in 2020

Fashion skirts 2020

Mini skirts 2020

The variety of mini skirts for the hot period of the year is always very different. Just as now: on the podiums, well-known brands have shown colorful short skirts with interesting design elements – this could be a skirt side by side, with folds, drapes, steering wheels, contrasting inserts, metal buttons and a wide strap. These can be either in a neutral shade – dark blue, mustard, gray, or more intense shades – green, red, blue, light green, etc. The stylists advise us to pay attention to the textures of the fabric – because fashionable are mini satin skirts, silk, vinyl, cotton etc. A pleasant innovation of the season was the excellent short skirt with the right stitch, of luxurious suits fabrics.

Spring summer 2020 mini skirts



What skirts to wear in summer 2020

Transparent skirts

But in the middle of the summer season, any holiday look can be completed beautifully with an elegant lace, satin or chiffon skirt. It looks very feminine and light, its airy style will give the silhouette maximum grace. To make the look fresh and memorable, transparent skirts in light colors are preferred, as well as more expressive shades – white, orange, coral, yellow, blue, etc.

Spring summer 2020 transparent skirts

Long summer skirt designs 2020

Fashion maxi skirts

In the collections of famous brands there is a place for the impressive maxi skirt, but with only one condition: it must be executed in a classic A-shape, which gives the image a regal and luxurious look! The secret is to highlight the narrow waist, to the detriment of the lush skirt, even if it is far from perfect.

Long new

Maxi spring summer 2020 skirts


Well, when, if not on sunny days, can you afford an abundance of bright and lush colors on your fabrics? Why not add saturation to your images with a colored skirt. Currently, the fashion options are those of medium length with motifs of plants, plaids, polka dots. And the geometry is present, but very delicate and fine. Romance, brilliance and luster are fashionable.

Fashionable summer skirts with prints 2020

What skirts are in style 2020

Pencil skirt with high waist 2020

office knee length

Pleats and ruffles

Playful and cute skirts with ruffles are another real trend for the upcoming summer vacation. To express all the charm of this model, they should be worn with beautiful sandals on heels or shoes with a pointed toe.

Black skirt with frills 2020



It is worth noting that the elegant skirts for women spring-summer 2020 have a high waist, so we recommend wearing them with blouses stacked inside. Most skirts for women have an elegant look, each design is unique and inimitable, created to bring love and tenderness in the life of each lady and woman.