Nail Designs and Ideas Spring-Summer 2021

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A beautiful spring-summer 2021 manicure can be as diverse as nature itself at this time of year. In fashion, not only are the classic options, but also quite unusual, vivid and original nail designs. The key points for an elegant manicure with shellac for spring and summer 2021 are the following:

 Spring nail designs 2021

  • orange shades
  • feminine drawings
  • delicate nude
  • confetti nail design
  • nails with glitter
  • luxurious textures
  • delicate nail shades

Now we will examine in detail all these types of nail patterns and add beautiful photos of the fashion manicure for spring and summer 2021.

Summer nails 2021

colorful French ideas

black matte

Long gel nails spring summer 2021

nails with drawings

2020 nails designs

Nude Nails

A beautiful cover with a refined beige shade will stay current this season as well. Nail artists have tried in every way possible to diversify such a design, adding other colors, no less attractive and relevant. As a result, a nude style manicure will be fashionable, where the main color is white, beige or nude combined with another contrasting shade – gray, blue, brown or white.

Nude nails spring summer 2021

nude almond shape


What are the spring 2021 nails designs trends

Pastel shades

Sweet and delicate caramel shades will be popular not only in clothes, but also in the fashionable nails design for the hot season. To look elegant and glamorous, just choose the following shades of nail polishes: blue, pale pink, yellow, light green, pistachio or apricot. To make the design more interesting, it can be decorated with sequins, rhinestones or a simple drawing. Also, it is allowed to combine the proposed shades. Another elegant idea is to combine different textures in a single design with delicate and wonderful colors.

Gel nails 2021 in pastel shades

Coffin nails spring 2021



Short summer nails 2021

Original drawings

The fashionable patterns and prints on nails in the spring-summer 2021 season are significantly different from those that were worn during the cold season. So, on sunny days, nature blossoms not only on the street, but also on the looks of girls. Colorful floral patterns, radiant elegant prints and designs are in fashion:

  • modele spectacular geometry with glossy coatings
  • rich floral designs
  • sea or summer designs: exotic leaves, tropical fruits, blue and white stripes.
  • original spots
  • funny inscriptions and psychedelic drawings

Nails drawing spring summer 2021

Short summer nails 2021


What nail designs to wear in summer 2021



simple gel


Manicure ideas with sparkling details Spring-Summer 2021

In the hot season sequins can also be used at most – large or small, in the shape of sand, powder or confetti. Usually, nail artists advise us to highlight one or two nails with glitter or to apply a radiant glow to the base of the nail. Such a simple idea will add elegance and luxury to even the simplest neutral cover.

In addition to glitter, other shiny nail details are also relevant – gold foil, rhinestones, beads.

Glitter nails 2021 spring summer


Pointed shimmering nails

Squared nails with gel



Matte finish

The matte-textured shellac nail polish, which can be applied to all nails, or to some nails, has not lost its relevance. True, during the warm period, light shades are often taken as the basis, as opposed to winter, where black and claret predominate.

Matte nails spring summer 2021

festive matte

long matte


dark blue

Chrome nails spring summer 2021

In the spring-summer 2021 season chrome nails will be a real hit. The photographs with the works of the nail artists perfectly illustrate this trend. In fashion there are all kinds of shades – from expressive dark, to really extravagant shades. Also, this technique will be used universally as a supplement to the traditional nail design.

Mirror effect nail design 2021


Pink chrome nails 2021



Orange shade nails

In the warm season of 2021, orange will become the most requested color of nail polish. All shades will be relevant, so you can definitely apply them on your nails. Acid shades are suitable for beach vacations and nightclubs, while modest peach shades perfectly complement casual images.


Orange nails 2021