Spring-Summer 2020 Main Fashion Trends

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What will be next season fashionable? Designers have already answered – fashion weeks are completed, it’s time to analyze and determine the main fashion trends of the spring-summer season 2020.

The aesthetics of the 80’s still do not let the minds of designers: the field of creativity is almost unlimited. On the podium, again, we enjoy the triumph of the leopard and its animalistic variations, however, besides these, many interesting prints were presented. In the new season, according to the main canons of eclecticism, we combine ornaments that seem seemingly incomprehensible. Prints are in cool shades, but do you like more color? Sure! In the next season, fluorescent neon is complemented by the sunny summer palette: citrus, oranges and lime.

Fashion trends 2020

Tie Dye

In the following season, the fashion for pre-washed denim will get an unexpected interpretation, the colorful and varied Tie Dye, whose name literally reflects its tie-dye production technology. Designers Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung urge us to see how the prints of the 1960s look like.

Latest fashion trends 2020

Tie dye fashion print summer 2020




In the new season, sequins are by far the main attribute of a party and not a sign of the disco era. On the contrary: we combine dresses and skirts covered with irises with basic jerseys and laconic denim jackets and wearing them daily. We are looking for inspiration in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales – designers experiment with the image of a mermaid that woke up on land.

What clothing items to wear in summer 2020



Hand knit

The most relevant will be the clothes as if they were sewn from a fishing net, decorated with ropes, shells and wooden beads. In addition, designers have left the nostalgia for recent trends and presented a number of knitted footwear variants: it seems the most controversial ten-year trend is coming again.

What clothes to wear in spring 2020

Stylish outfits 2020

Casual style clothes 2020



For those whose pre-washed denim looks too rough, designers have offered a more delicate alternative – ombre or gradient. It seems that already dozens of different options have been seen for a smooth transition of colors, but in the new season they decorate not only light gowns, but also classic clothing.

Spring summer fashion trends 2020 ombre




Stylish skirts and dresses made of pleated fabrics are a balm for the soul for those who are tired of power-dressing, sport style and have long dreamed of bringing up femininity and elegance. In the new season, pleated skirts do not look like skirts that were popular about a decade ago – assorted with a t-shirt and a massive brooch. There are more successful options, and now folds are used not only for regular dresses and skirts, but also for trench coats and shorts.

Summer 2020 fashion trends




Now fashion is not only beautiful but also practical. In the following season, oversized vests, cargo pants, which appeared last year on podiums, dresses and even classic shirts, such as those from Fendi, are complemented by large pockets. This trend is clearly designed to offset the designer’s love for very small bags: everything that does not fit into your accessory can easily be distributed in the huge pockets on your clothes.

Fashion 2020 spring summer






Bulky sleeves

Short sleeves are one of the most fashionable trends in clothing in the coming season. We will see it not only on dresses and blouses, but also on jackets and even overalls. We can see examples at Ulla Johnson, Kate Spade, Rodarte.

Fashion trends 2020 spring summer bulky sleeves





The giant shopper bags now compete with the mini copies of the tote, cross-body and waist bags. Celebrity miniature accessories appeared a year ago, replacing the clutch and minaudiere bag, and this season designers presented even more options – from mini bags to leather straps with several handbags, like those from Fendi.

Spring summer 2020 fashion trends small bags

Summer outfits 2020 with small handbags


Bermuda pants

In the new season, Bermuda pants are presented in an extremely wide variety: from stripe pants with cuffs, to original options from pleated fabrics. We love this trend: Bermuda pants will be ideal in the office, matched with a classic jacket, and at a beach party in combination with an acid shirt.

Fashion 2020 spring summer trends bermuda pants

Fashion 2020 office style



Photographic prints

If in the past seasons the principles of life were all reflected on blouses and shirts, now photo prints will speak eloquently about your beliefs. Abstract images, surrealist paintings of your favorite artists, or pretty real-world portraits and portraits – choose from the full range of options what you like and apply them in the most visible place.

Casual summer outfits 2020 ladies




Prewashed denim

In the name of fashionistas’ safety, designers have presented so many choices of pre-washed denim clothing that they no longer have to touch corrosive chemicals. Fashion has become more accessible, which means that it is not worth looking for a pair of jeans, as women did in the ’80s. Choose jackets with unclear ornaments, white jeans, and overalls with complicated spots – and the higher the contrast, the better.

Spring summer fashion trends 2020 denim




This is how warm, unpredictable and challenging will look the new season. Choose what you like and start creating a wardrobe with absolutely new clothes!