What to wear in Fall 2015 Winter 2016?

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Clothes Fall

In early summer, the leading fashion houses presented the Fall Winter 2015-2015 collections. This is a huge variety of warm and not very warm things that uniquely combines the word “style”. But how to combine them with each other, how to look stylish when there is so much temptation, that the eyes diverge.

Choosing the color

Stylists advise to start the choice of clothing with the color, because if you do not like the shade of sweatshirts or pants, hardly the style of things will raise your mood.

This season, at the peak of popularity are products in traditional autumn colors (gold, carrot, red, brown, and beige) as well as in violet and burgundy. It is on these tones stylists have high expectations, because they appeared in collections of almost every designer, and occupied a leading position in the color palette of lipsticks, shadows and mascara. And they almost forgot about turquoise, which, though not in large quantities, are seen on the catwalk during the demonstration of the autumn-winter collections.

Clothes Winter

Combining textures

The game of contrasts is at the peak of popularity! If you want to look fashionable in this cold season do not be afraid to combine clothes from “different worlds.” For example, a combination of clothes of different textures will show that you are not only aware of fashion trends, but also have a sense of personal style.

The combination of jersey or wool with leather of different colors is a perfect option for fall season. Woolen poncho and lace shorts are another example of a stylish look.

 Fall 2015

Winter 2016

Choosing accessories and footwear

This season, women can forget about the pain and suffering that often produce the daily walk in high heels. It is time for men’s style shoes that officially migrated to the female wardrobe. Flat sole, laces or velcro fasteners – all this fits ideally with a pant suit and also a look based on shorts, a skirt or even a dress.


Although those who are accustomed to stiletto heels and feel in elegant court shoes no worse than in running shoes, should not give up their habits in any case.


In trend are massive accessories. These can be necklaces or big earrings, bracelets and belts with large buckles. The diversity of forms of bags knows no bounds. There can be as classical options, and also something extravagant or fabulous, as in the collection of Dolce & Gabbana.

Massive accessories

The Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season advices fashionable women to abandon complexes and feel like real creators of their own style. Try to combine forgotten things (at the peak of popularity is the style of the 60’s) with newly acquired clothes. And if it is impossible to be creative, take a look at how famous designers proceed, because there are plenty of examples from their presentations.

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